Watch the Yard launches YARDCON

Ayanna Maxwell | Editor In Chief Watch the Yard on April 19 launched its first YARDCON, a digital conference for black students who have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. Watch the Yard, known as the most prominent platform for black college students, fraternities and sororities, created the conference to offer resources and network opportunities for black students across the nation.  Hosted by Watch the Yard founder Jonathan Rabb, the conference began with a gospel music set performed by DJ Ricovelli and a prayer from Hampton University alum Michael Eley. Journalist Roland Martin followed up with an open conversation among HBCU … Continue reading Watch the Yard launches YARDCON

Coronavirus: What you must know

Kailah Lee | Staff Writer Photo Credit: Unsplash User  Kelly Sikkema Many have heard about the Coronavirus (CoV), a recent epidemic. What makes it even scarier is that there are hourly updates on how much the disease is affecting hundreds upon thousands of people with little information on the prevention of it.  According to Vox, the outbreak has reached more than 40,000 people and counting. Fortunately for us in the U.S., it hasn’t become as prominent of an issue as it is in China, but by no means should you take this virus lightly.  The coronavirus and similar strains such as … Continue reading Coronavirus: What you must know

The importance of establishing a daily skin care routine

Brandi Howliet | Staff Writer Photo Credit: Unsplash User Toa Heftiba The proper skin care routine is hard to figure out but necessary. The skin on our bodies is the largest organ, so taking care of it is very important. It helps prevent infection and harmful elements from getting into our bodies. There are so many products on the market, and the beauty industry is at an all-time high, so many consumers don’t know where to start. The correct skin care routine is built over time; it doesn’t just happen overnight.  With time and diligence, you’ll eventually find the right products … Continue reading The importance of establishing a daily skin care routine

The continued spread of the coronavirus

Gabrielle Chenault | Staff Writer The coronavirus disease has sent many people worldwide into a frenzy because it is continuing to spread outside of China, and the death toll continues to rise. Cases have been reported in Asia, Europe, Australia, North America and Africa as of Feb. 19. “It’s scary to see how quickly this is spreading, especially since there is no current cure,” said Hampton University student Ra’ana Middleton, a sophomore nursing student. This virus is spread through the respiratory system and mimics the symptoms of a cold. Due to this, it is easily spread and can be spread … Continue reading The continued spread of the coronavirus

Don’t wait until it’s too late

Kailah Lee | Staff Writer Photo Credit: Pexels User Brett Sayles Imagine a life where forgiveness does not exist. A life where the moment we make a mistake, we aren’t given a second chance. That’s a life lacking in substance, a life unappreciated and a life without the chance to grow. We may not have eternity on this earth, but we do have a portion of time to hold. And in that time, our moments with one another are sacred. We often forget how fortunate we are until it is too late, but while there is time, just check in … Continue reading Don’t wait until it’s too late

Baddie on a budget: Ways to save on your favorite beauty products

Taura Kimble | Staff Writer Photo Credit: Pexels User Emma Bauso If there is one thing every woman can agree on, it’s that we love our beauty products. From hair to nails and personal care, most women have go-to products that they simply can’t live without. However, some of the best products can be the most expensive and rack up a huge bill. No need to worry, though. Here are some tips that could help you save on the products you love: Clip Coupons: Coupons are the greatest way to save on anything, especially when the item you’re interested in … Continue reading Baddie on a budget: Ways to save on your favorite beauty products

Unique Valentine’s Day date ideas for him and her: College edition

Myeshia Barrett | Staff Writer Valentine’s Day in college can be a handful for some. Students already spend hundreds of dollars on books, so, no, a V-Day gift is not the first thing on any college student’s mind. But as the season approaches, it’s essential to keep those we love happy by showing we care. How so? Gifts.  No matter how you put it, we all cherish a good Valentine’s Day gift. However, not everyone can afford to buy their significant other a pair of the latest Yeezys. Here are a few unique ideas in the budget range for college … Continue reading Unique Valentine’s Day date ideas for him and her: College edition

The power of thought

Tosh McGee | Contributing Writer Photo Credit: Unsplash User Prateek Katyal Usually, Saturday morning barbershop talks are filled with sports, neighborhood gossip or musical debates.However, one Saturday at the shop, I had a very meaningful conversation about what it takes to be successful. So, what does it take? It’s actually very simple. The true start of a successful path begins with your mindset.  The mind is a garden. The seeds (thoughts) that are planted are so essential to how your garden (mind) will grow. Manifesting positive thoughts promotes positive behavior, ultimately motivating you to pursue a prosperous lifestyle. Aside from a … Continue reading The power of thought

Four ingredients to implement into your skincare routine

Leenika Belfield-Martin | Lifestyle Editor Photo Credit: Pexels User Daria Shevtsova Vitamin C Vitamin C is revered in the beauty community as a superior anti-aging ingredient. However, just adding it to your diet won’t give your skin all the benefits this ingredient has. The best way to add this vitamin into your skin routine is to use a Vitamin C serum. Vitamin C also comes in gel, cream and oil forms. Salicylic Acid Contrary to popular belief, not all chemicals are bad for you. In fact, they can actually be the missing piece to the puzzle of your skin care … Continue reading Four ingredients to implement into your skincare routine

Negative introspection and toxic thoughts

Kailah Lee | Staff Writer Your brain is a filthy liar. Can you believe that your own mind is audacious enough to cause unnecessary stress and anxiety? Believe it. The mind is such an intricate and powerful thing, but it will have you in some adverse predicaments if you allow it. The culprit isn’t your lack of ability, talent or skill. It isn’t how you look or how you perceive yourself and it isn’t what another person may think of you. It is distortion in your mind. Don’t panic. Your brain isn’t only compiled of tall tales. However, your mind … Continue reading Negative introspection and toxic thoughts