Behind the profile: Social media and society

Gabrielle Tazewell | Staff Writer Flickr User  Mike Corbett Social media platforms now dominate the way we view the world. Relationship goals, body goals, money goals and other materialistic ambitions constantly flood our timelines. These photos may be entertaining, but reality may tell a different story. Why are millennials so keen on attaining the perfect life? Why must we look or feel a certain way to be accepted by society? While viewing social media can be enjoyable, why do we feel as though we cannot live without it? What many fail to realize is that audiences only see what account … Continue reading Behind the profile: Social media and society

Rolling with the punches: Learning to embrace change

Mia Concepcion | Staff Writer Summer is about to make an exit. Meanwhile, fall is slowly inching closer with colorful changing of leaves, shorter days, and longer nights. As the seasons rotate, students must adapt to new climates and to new responsibilities presented. It may seem difficult at first, but certain preparations will help with the transition. Just like weather patterns, people must endure changes in their lives —the expected and the unexpected. The challenge is making the proper accommodations for them. People often react negatively to change, especially when undesirable circumstances necessitate a shift. It could be a shift … Continue reading Rolling with the punches: Learning to embrace change

Invest your time in investing

Leenika Belfield-Martin Flickr User 401(K) 2012 About 70 percent of millennials have no clue about investing, according to a study conducted by the financial-advice website Bankrate. Dr. Oliver Jones of Hampton University’s School of Business said that young adults may feel like investing is too complex or confusing. “It can come off as too much information,” Oliver said. Jones also said that because many young people witnessed their parents struggle during the housing crisis, they have become skeptical about spending and saving money. Investing is often associated with the fast-paced erratic stock market. In actuality, an investment is anything you … Continue reading Invest your time in investing

Skin care for all

Sydney Shuler | Staff Writer What’s one of the first things you notice when you meet someone new? Their skin. It’s the largest organ on the body and by far the most visible. Our skin’s unique structure can be enough to make or break our confidence. Much more goes into skin care than water and the most popular scrubs, cleansers and moisturizers mentioned on #ClearSkinTwitter. The key to creating a successful skin routine is personalizing it to your skin type. Skin comes in a different types: normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive. Understanding what type of skin you have can … Continue reading Skin care for all

What’s on your fall must-do list?

Zari Paige | Staff Writer Flickr User Cristian Iohan Stefanescu Fall is finally here. From Sept. 22 to Dec. 21, people are graced with holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. For college students, this season calls for both spooky Halloween activities and chilling at home, feasting on our favorite Thanksgiving dishes. “My favorite aspect of fall is the fashion and activities during the season,” freshman marketing major Amira Jones said. “Everyone starts changing their hair color and layering outfits.” Others, like political science major Simone Quary, prefer the sweeter things that come with fall. “I like baking those really good Pillsbury … Continue reading What’s on your fall must-do list?

Steps to prevent suicide among teens and adults

Anisa Saigo | Staff Writer Flickr User Karolina Kabat Suicide is a form of depression. These feelings of not being content with life can can put someone down or make them feel incomplete. Although not everyone goes through a time in their life when they are suicidal, many do. It can be a best friend, cousin, sibling, or even your parent. It is important to notice the signs. With National Suicide Prevention Month in mind, here are some steps to help prevent losing a loved one. First, watch for warning signs. Four out of five teen suicide attempts are preceded … Continue reading Steps to prevent suicide among teens and adults

Sleep deprivation and you

Leenika Belfield-Martin | Lifestyle Editor Flickr User Mathias Appel Do you have bags under your eyes big enough to go shopping with? Do you struggle to stay awake during your afternoon lectures? If so, you could be suffering from sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation is defined by the Sleep Association as “not obtaining adequate total sleep,” or consistently obtaining less than six hours of sleep each night. While as many as 70 million Americans suffer from it, sleep deprivation is an especially common occurrence in college students. Up to 60 percent of college students have poor sleep quality due to irregular … Continue reading Sleep deprivation and you