Four ingredients to implement into your skincare routine

Leenika Belfield-Martin | Lifestyle Editor Photo Credit: Pexels User Daria Shevtsova Vitamin C Vitamin C is revered in the beauty community as a superior anti-aging ingredient. However, just adding it to your diet won’t give your skin all the benefits this ingredient has. The best way to add this vitamin into your skin routine is to use a Vitamin C serum. Vitamin C also comes in gel, cream and oil forms. Salicylic Acid Contrary to popular belief, not all chemicals are bad for you. In fact, they can actually be the missing piece to the puzzle of your skin care … Continue reading Four ingredients to implement into your skincare routine

Negative introspection and toxic thoughts

Kailah Lee | Staff Writer Your brain is a filthy liar. Can you believe that your own mind is audacious enough to cause unnecessary stress and anxiety? Believe it. The mind is such an intricate and powerful thing, but it will have you in some adverse predicaments if you allow it. The culprit isn’t your lack of ability, talent or skill. It isn’t how you look or how you perceive yourself and it isn’t what another person may think of you. It is distortion in your mind. Don’t panic. Your brain isn’t only compiled of tall tales. However, your mind … Continue reading Negative introspection and toxic thoughts

How to stay positive when things aren’t going your way

Brandi Howliet | Staff Writer Photo Credit: Flickr user FotoCorline photography Knowing how to stay positive when life isn’t going in your favor isn’t an easy task. Maybe you didn’t get that internship you wanted, or maybe you’re in the second semester of senior year and you still have no job offer. The first step to staying positive is understanding that certain outcomes in life are uncontrollable. You can apply for a job and not land it. No matter how quali ed you are for the position, you cannot control the outcome. Keep in mind that good things are coming. Repeating this … Continue reading How to stay positive when things aren’t going your way

How to relax during Winter Break

Staff Writer: Taura Kimble College students tend to push themselves beyond our limits and take on more than we can handle. Between school, studying and work, the first semester can be very hectic for most students. From writing essays to perfecting your craft, we all strive to be the best and most successful in our intended career paths. With finals week coming to a close and the fall semester officially ending, here are some key things to implement into your day to day activities in order to completely unwind.  Put down the phone: In a technology-crazy generation, many own a … Continue reading How to relax during Winter Break

How to Be Festive Away from Home

Staff Writer: Myeshia Barrett In college, it can be very overwhelming to be away from your family during the holidays. Christmas is usually a jolly time for most people, but without your family it can be very much humbug! Here are a few ideas to get festive from the comfort of your own campus.   Get a Christmas Tree Something simple as a desk Christmas tree in your dorm or apartment with shining bright lights and mini ornaments can set the tone for Christmas. Also, it can be the perfect touch for a Secret Santa party!   Secret Santa Secret … Continue reading How to Be Festive Away from Home

How to enjoy the holidays while being single

Staff Writer: Brandi Howliet Do you scroll down your timeline and constantly see couples in love? Does it drive you  crazy, especially around the holidays? Don’t worry, below are a few steps on how to alleviate the struggles of being single during the holiday season.    Be grateful for the ones you do have.    The first thing you need to do when you feel down about being single is count your blessings. Dwelling on what you don’t have in your life and constantly obsessing about it is not going to make things better; it will actually get worse. Allow … Continue reading How to enjoy the holidays while being single

Finesse the Freshman 15

Staff Writer: Kailah Lee We’ve all heard of it. Students come to college and just lose it when it comes to their diets. It’s not a myth; it happens. However, gaining weight is not always a bad thing. Besides, some people actually want to gain weight.  College is about the convenience. College students have busy schedules, so a quick, unhealthy meal is often the solution. Fast food is always a convenience, plus some students might not enjoy the food at the cafe.  So how do college students enjoy food, stay in shape and save money? The answer is self-control. Sometimes … Continue reading Finesse the Freshman 15