How Fashion has improved the life of Hampton Students

Ja’Nia Keith | Script Writer

Fashion is defined as social standing or prominence, especially as signalized by dress or conduct, according to Merriam Webster. Hampton’s very own fashion gurus explained the impact fashion has had on their lives. As the seasons change, these creatives have stayed in style all year round.

First-year HU student Paige Loague, a finance major from Mount Vernon, New York, does not care for shopping. 

“Stores usually have too many options for me and I can never get everything I want,” she said. 

Loague likes to start her outfits off with a bold statement piece then creates from there. She uses fashion to turn heads. She also uses it as a way of networking, hoping to lead down a successful path of modeling. 

She said fashion has helped her create an outlet for herself. You can find the future supermodel on Instagram: @planetpaaige

Another HU first-year, Houston Vailes, a psychology major from Prince George’s County, Maryland, discusses his shopping process. 

“Honestly, I’m a bit of a sneakerhead,” said Vailes. 

He has a deep passion for fashion but an even bigger one for shoes. He starts his outfit off with shoes then works his way up. When building his outfits, he gathers pieces and creates “combinations.”  You can find Vailes and his sneakers on Instagram: @houey_

HU sophomore Korrin Swinton, a journalism major from Southern Maryland, pinpoints her mother as the person who introduced her into the world of fashion. Her mother taught her that uniqueness is what makes you stand out. 

“She is the [flyest] woman I’ve ever known,” said Swinton. 

Individualism plays a significant role in the way Swinton styles her outfits. 

“I like things that I don’t usually see every day,” she said. 

Swinton creates fashion and makeup looks on her Instagram: @xxirinney

HU sophomore Justin McCray, a biology major from Charlotte, North Carolina, uses style in every way. He wants to implement fashion in his future. His outfits or “projects,” as McCray refers to them, give him a sense of direction. 

During the pandemic, McCray began watching fashion shows and noted the details designers would bring out in their work. He found himself inspired to create his brand,  Justin Chancellor. You can find McCray and his creations on Instagram: @ogjusstinn

Junior Taliah Muhammad’s love for fashion runs deep. As a Canton, Michigan native and international studies major on the pre-law track, she started to notice that her city was no longer a place of inspiration for her. 

“The stuff at the malls [were] boring, so I started shopping online,” she said. 

She began to piece together outfits that fit how she truly saw herself from then on. She described fashion as a mindset.

“If you look good, you feel good,” Muhammad said. 

She makes everything her own, which everyone can aspire to be. Muhammad can be found on Instagram at: @ta.liahm

“I think of my closet as a museum full of pieces of art,” said HU junior Dorien Lee Brown. 

Lee Brown has always been attracted to abstract art, and it is displayed throughout his fashion style. 

Being a business management major, he says that you can pull inspiration from anywhere, your budget is not the focus. 

He advises that with fashion, you should never be afraid. Take risks, and most importantly, make sure your style expresses who you are. South Carolina’s own can be found on Instagram: @dorienleebrown

HU Senior Tasha Smith’s curiosity with fashion began when she was a young dancer in Baltimore, Maryland. 

“I was a dancer my whole life, so getting dressed up in costumes and makeup and all of that was something I was always familiar with,” said Smith. “So later down the line, I just carried that with me, always putting together outfits and trying different things was always fun.”  

Smith believes the idea of dressing up has stuck with her since her dancing era and wants to make a career out of it. She hopes that as a fashion journalist, she can also contribute to the world of fashion. You can find this future innovator on Instagram: @tashnicolesmith

At Hampton University, fashion is more than just clothes. Fashion helps define each of the students here. It’s not what you wear. It’s how you wear it.


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