Young Thug keeps On going

Quinton Burnett | Staff Writer Young Thug has delivered an ambitious six-track EP, On the Rvn, hot on the heels of his label compilation tape Slime Language. The project displays the Atlanta rapper, given name Jeffery Lamar Williams, at his best: sinuous, versatile and experimental. From the jaunty keys and drum kicks of intro track On the Run to the spacey and mom-friendly crooning of High, the project lands solidly among other gems in the sonic crown of Williams, such as Barter 6 and Slime Season 2. On the Rvn is a force of a tape for one of rap’s … Continue reading Young Thug keeps On going

The Maniac Attraction

Quinton Burnett | Staff Writer IMDb Despite our best efforts, humans have yet to figure out much about our own brains. The human mind is its own complex maze, a unique labyrinth with unexplored corners, layers of unknown danger and inconceivable nuance. Thus, attempting to tackle this in a 10-episode miniseries that only runs for about 6 hours total is daunting, to say the least. Visualizing and personifying subjects such as memory, identity and personality is something very few directors can pull off. Navigating that difficult plain is the brainchild of Patrick Somerville and director Cary Joji Fukunaga: Netflix’s Maniac. … Continue reading The Maniac Attraction

North West runway debut: Too early or right on time?

Carlie Beard | Staff Writer As a young girl, there are many things you could do: play dress up, ride a bike, color pictures and model. North West, daughter of Kim and Kanye West, made her modeling debut at 5 years old. The cutie walked in the L.O.L. Surprise Fashion Show. The video went viral via her mother’s Instagram story. Although the young fashionista may be new to the fashion world, the majority of her family is not. Kendall Jenner has dominated the fashion industry since she started her modeling career in 2009. Kanye West has his own clothing and … Continue reading North West runway debut: Too early or right on time?

Versace in Marshall’s? Probably not.

Quinton Burnett | Staff Writer Michael Kors Holdings Ltd. acquired Italian fashion house Versace for $2.1 billion on Sept. 25 during Milan Fashion Week, reported. Upon release of this information, the internet rang Versace’s death knell throughout comment sections and replies web-wide. But what does it really mean when one brand purchases another? Fan and casual observer reaction is understandable. Michael Kors is not the first coupling one would suspect for Versace. Michael Kors, the American accessible luxury giant, and Versace, vaunted Italian house of super luxury, seems to be a commercial takeover of one of fashion’s great icons. … Continue reading Versace in Marshall’s? Probably not.

Nappily Ever After: A modern fairytale

Naomi Ludlow | Arts and Entertainment Editor IMDb Netflix released another highly raved movie that leaves the audience wanting more. Nappily Ever After is based on the book written by Trisha R. Thomas. It follows a perfection-obsessed character, Violet Jones, as she finds what truly makes her happy. Life isn’t meant to be perfect, and Violet (Sanaa Lathan) soon discovers this as her perfect world starts to crumble. Every aspect of her life is exactly what she dreamed of, minus a husband and children. Violet is suffocated by her mother’s (Lynn Whitfield) expectations and uses every moment to gain her … Continue reading Nappily Ever After: A modern fairytale

Drake and Meek Mill squash beef for fans

Amber Smith | Staff Writer Twitter User @mikerezzy  Rappers Drake and Meek Mill officially squashed their three-year beef Sept. 8 onstage at Drake’s concert in Boston, Rolling Stone reported. The two had been feuding ever since they both released tracks dissing one another. The reunion of the two artists was showcased on social media to fans worldwide after Meek Mill performed his hit song “Dreams and Nightmares.” Drake explained to the audience after the performance with Meek Mill, “We need more peace in the world, we need more love in the world. Meek Mill, that’s my brother… so we were … Continue reading Drake and Meek Mill squash beef for fans

Black, but make it fashion.

Quinton Burnett | Staff Writer There’s a historic and culturally significant neighborhood in New York called Weeksville. That neighborhood produced Kerby Jean-Raymond, who produced a clothing line called Pyer Moss. That neighborhood, her son, and his clothing line came together for a show possessing beauty in not only clothing and models, but message. Pyer Moss Spring/Summer 2019 (SS19) was showcased in Jean-Raymond’s native Weeksville, a neighborhood which holds the distinction of being one of the first “freedmen” communities in the United States. Jean-Raymond, a black designer, utilized the history of the neighborhood and venue to create a collection centered on … Continue reading Black, but make it fashion.