Blast from the Past: Fashion Edition

Tyrone Farmer | Staff Writer

We have all heard the phrase, history repeats itself. Music, films and dances have proven this cliche to be true, and fashion is not left out. 

Fashion trends from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s have made a big return in today’s society with a bit of a 21st-century twist. Gen Z’ers have fully committed to the vintage lifestyle, stocking their closets with countless classic pieces to achieve a throwback look. 

Apps like Depop give people the ability to pull off a thrifted look without the headache of going into physical stores. 

“I love Depop,” Hampton University student and creative Justin McCray said. “It allows me to execute that ‘90s look and give [me] that vintage feel. It’s for sure my favorite app when it comes to vintage drip. I can find anything from graphic tees, varsity jackets, cardigans, pants, even shoes and accessories.”

Flare jeans are one of many throwback styles to make a legendary return in the 21st century. These pants were popular in the ‘70s and originally referred to as bell bottoms because of their wide shape. Today you will find flare jeans with multiple patterns or cuts to make them more stylish. Flare jeans are well-styled when paired with a unique graphic tee and sneaker. 

Graphic tees have seemed to take society by storm. You can find them virtually anywhere, showing off a wide range of things from old music groups and rappers, old sports teams, to historical figures. 

Varsity jackets and cardigans have also made a significant return. Today cardigans can be dressed up or dressed down. They are often paired with nice pants or trousers. The notable execution is in the selection of the shoe. 

Designer brands have even started to buy into the fashion wave, reaching into their archives and releasing vintage pieces. This wave of classic pieces has given creatives the space to expand their style to execute a more eccentric look. 

These are just a few ways fashion has turned vintage looks into new and eclectic styles for 2021!


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