Onyx, Ogre, Quintessence: It’s all in the name


Ania Cotton | Staff Writer

Hampton University is known for the various class names that have been created, passed down, and changed over the years. 

Class names can help unite students with those they are graduating with and add to the sense of community on campus. 

Currently, there are three classes represented on campus: Quintessence, Onyx, and Ogre Phi Ogre. Each class has their own unique history and identity.

 Quintessence stands for excellence and while it is the youngest class on campus they are known as being the “hottest class under the sun.” 

Jabari Adams, a QT7 graduate from Willingboro, New Jersey enjoyed his experience during the reign of quintessence. 

Adams feels his class is distinguished from all others because of the established alumni that are products of this class, mentioning that, “we’ve had several [alumni] work for the president and start companies.” 

Adams also spoke about how he loves that his class still keeps up with each other to this day, and continues to help each other professionally.

A member of Onyx10, Léana Camille, a junior political science major from Queens, New York, shared what she loves about her class.  

What she loves most about her class is, “that we, as a class, look out for each other. It’s a privilege to have a group of students with similar goals and aspirations as you.” 

She feels that this unity distinguishes her class from all the others, and recalls that the Onyx 9 seniors were very active and attentive to the freshmen when she first started here.

Recent graduates Brianna Faison and Daisha Roberts both represent Ogre Phi Ogre, the oldest class on campus. Faison is from Union, New Jersey, graduated in May 2014 with her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and is “proud to say that I belong to the best class, which is Ogre Phi Ogre.” 

Daisha Roberts is from Atlanta and graduated in May 2014 with a Bachelors of Arts in Strategic Communications, and also represents Ogre Phi Ogre 15. 

When asked about their fondest memory with their class, both Faison and Roberts mentioned their 100 Days celebration and showing the administration that they could enjoy themselves and still remain responsible. 

Ogre Phi Ogre is the oldest class on campus, with the current sophomores being a part of OPhiO 16. 

The close, family-oriented vibe is what Faison says makes her class stand out from all others and is one of the reasons why she loves her class as much as she does. 

Roberts shared that what she loves most is the connection. “The sense of feeling like you could call on one another if you needed something. During my time at Hampton, I created a lot of bonds and friendships within my class that I will cherish forever.”

No matter what class you are a part of, the connections you establish within your class will prove to be everlasting and will help to instill a sense of pride in your class. 


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