Steps to prevent suicide among teens and adults

Anisa Saigo | Staff Writer Flickr User Karolina Kabat Suicide is a form of depression. These feelings of not being content with life can can put someone down or make them feel incomplete. Although not everyone goes through a time in their life when they are suicidal, many do. It can be a best friend, cousin, sibling, or even your parent. It is important to notice the signs. With National Suicide Prevention Month in mind, here are some steps to help prevent losing a loved one. First, watch for warning signs. Four out of five teen suicide attempts are preceded … Continue reading Steps to prevent suicide among teens and adults

Sleep deprivation and you

Leenika Belfield-Martin | Lifestyle Editor Flickr User Mathias Appel Do you have bags under your eyes big enough to go shopping with? Do you struggle to stay awake during your afternoon lectures? If so, you could be suffering from sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation is defined by the Sleep Association as “not obtaining adequate total sleep,” or consistently obtaining less than six hours of sleep each night. While as many as 70 million Americans suffer from it, sleep deprivation is an especially common occurrence in college students. Up to 60 percent of college students have poor sleep quality due to irregular … Continue reading Sleep deprivation and you

NFL contenders and pretenders

Harrington Gardiner | Sports Writer Football fans have gathered around their TVs for early glimpses at their NFL teams. There have been quite a few surprises already. Which teams will end up in the playoffs and which will fall off? Here are some early guesses. NFC Contenders Carolina Panthers: Last year, Carolina had the fifth-hardest schedule and still finished with 10-plus wins. Their front seven – led by Luke Kuechly, Kawann Short and Shaq Thompson – are some of the best in football. Critics will say that their secondary needs work, but this defense could be one of the best … Continue reading NFL contenders and pretenders

Women’s soccer: Hampton works to improve

Randall Williams | Sports Editor The end of summer can get very exciting for sports. The WNBA season comes to a close, the MLB is getting set for the playoffs and both the NCAA and NFL begin football at the beginning of September. On Hampton University’s campus, football is back, and volleyball returns, but autumn’s sleeper sport is women’s soccer. It’s been a tough three years since the Lady Pirates started competing in Division I soccer. The team has won five matches and lost 27. Midfielder Khasya Cunningham, who has been a captain for the Lady Pirates since she transferred to … Continue reading Women’s soccer: Hampton works to improve

Top three rookies are tied in NBA 2K ratings

Justin Whitner |Staff Writer During the 2017-2018 NBA season, first-year players took the league by storm. Numerous young athletes showed unique skills on the floor from opening night and on into the playoffs. Some eased into their roles, while others took charge and led their teams to victories. This left Rookie of the Year honorable mention players – including Dennis Smith Jr., Lonzo Ball, Lauri Markkanen and Kyle Kuzma – to miss out on finalist recognition. The top three Rookie of the Year nominees: Donovan Mitchell, Jayson Tatum and winner Ben Simmons were the clear-cut superior players of the bunch. … Continue reading Top three rookies are tied in NBA 2K ratings

Drake and Meek Mill squash beef for fans

Amber Smith | Staff Writer Twitter User @mikerezzy  Rappers Drake and Meek Mill officially squashed their three-year beef Sept. 8 onstage at Drake’s concert in Boston, Rolling Stone reported. The two had been feuding ever since they both released tracks dissing one another. The reunion of the two artists was showcased on social media to fans worldwide after Meek Mill performed his hit song “Dreams and Nightmares.” Drake explained to the audience after the performance with Meek Mill, “We need more peace in the world, we need more love in the world. Meek Mill, that’s my brother… so we were … Continue reading Drake and Meek Mill squash beef for fans

How to hang on by all the threads, not just one, this semester

Sydney Shuler |Staff Writer It’s the fourth week of classes, and we’re all realizing that if we don’t break out of syllabus mode ASAP, we’re doomed. Tests and essay due dates are creeping up, professors are lecturing for entire class periods, and planners are starting to look more and more like a grocery lists. So, how does the average college student keep from going under? Like this: 1. Stay Organized Creating reminders and writing every little thing down can sometimes feel tedious, but it definitely pays off. We have the convenience of smartphones with calendars, reminders, and homework apps to … Continue reading How to hang on by all the threads, not just one, this semester