Skin care for all

Sydney Shuler | Staff Writer What’s one of the first things you notice when you meet someone new? Their skin. It’s the largest organ on the body and by far the most visible. Our skin’s unique structure can be enough to make or break our confidence. Much more goes into skin care than water and the most popular scrubs, cleansers and moisturizers mentioned on #ClearSkinTwitter. The key to creating a successful skin routine is personalizing it to your skin type. Skin comes in a different types: normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive. Understanding what type of skin you have can … Continue reading Skin care for all

A Different World turns 31: How it impacted HBCUs

Kennedi Williams|Staff Writer The Cosby Show spinoff A Different World premiered Sept. 24, 1987. The show began with Denise Huxtable, played by Lisa Bonet, attending her parents’ alma mater, Hillman College, which was based off of historically black colleges and universities. Although Hillman was a completely fictional HBCU, its impact was very real and still resonates with many today. After Bonet’s exit from the show, Dwayne Wayne (Kadeem Hardison) and Whitley Gilbert (Jasmine Guy), two totally opposite characters, ended up getting into a relationship. This attracted the attention of millions of viewers who tuned in every week to see this … Continue reading A Different World turns 31: How it impacted HBCUs

The Rise of Anime

Ryland Staples | Staff Writer StreamXO Public Domain With the internet further establishing itself as a staple in everyone’s life, people have easier access to watch and stream whatever TV show or movie they want. Among the various original Netflix shows that constantly blow up, anime has also made a reappearance. You can catch up on the latest shows such as Boku No Hero Academia (My Hero Academia), Attack on Titan, One Piece, or Dragon Ball, and you can even have access to older shows, such as Yu Yu Hakusho, Gundum, Pokémon or Sailor Moon. Shows such as Dragon Ball … Continue reading The Rise of Anime

What’s on your fall must-do list?

Zari Paige | Staff Writer Flickr User Cristian Iohan Stefanescu Fall is finally here. From Sept. 22 to Dec. 21, people are graced with holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. For college students, this season calls for both spooky Halloween activities and chilling at home, feasting on our favorite Thanksgiving dishes. “My favorite aspect of fall is the fashion and activities during the season,” freshman marketing major Amira Jones said. “Everyone starts changing their hair color and layering outfits.” Others, like political science major Simone Quary, prefer the sweeter things that come with fall. “I like baking those really good Pillsbury … Continue reading What’s on your fall must-do list?

HU hopes to follow in ODU’s football steps

Nazim Trammell-Wells | Staff Writer Taylor Gravesande It happened in Norfolk, so could it happen in Hampton? Will the Pirates ever pull off a college football victory as big as Old Dominion’s 49-35 upset of No. 13 Virginia Tech? At least one player thinks it could happen soon. “I definitely think we have the weapons and the coaching to beat anybody,” Hampton University tight end Jordan Ray said. “If we show up ready to go in sync, there won’t be a question about it.” There seemingly wasn’t a question Old Dominion would fall to 0-4 when Virginia Tech visited Sept. … Continue reading HU hopes to follow in ODU’s football steps

Tiger Woods’ latest victory and influence

Justin Whitner | Staff Writer Flickr User Omar Rawlings After five years of setbacks, comebacks and the willpower to keep going, on Sept. 23, Tiger Woods earned his 80th PGA Tour victory at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta, Ga. Woods is one of the most decorated golfers of all time, along with being an athlete who changed the entire landscape of the sport. Through many endorsements deals, such as Tiger Woods PGA Tour the video game and Nike, he allowed for the sport’s athletes to be looked at as marketable and much more entertaining. Woods was chosen as the ESPY … Continue reading Tiger Woods’ latest victory and influence

The Brett Kavanaugh debate continues

Justin Norris | Staff Writer The Associated Press Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh continues to face obstacles on his road to confirmation as a judge on the Supreme Court. From the perspective of those on the left, some find Kavanaugh’s record questionable, while others have a problem with President Trump appointing a second judge to a lifetime seat while being under federal investigation. Meanwhile, some conservatives are worried that Kavanaugh would support Trump over the good of the country if nominated to the highest court in the land. According to C-SPAN, Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) voiced his wariness at the … Continue reading The Brett Kavanaugh debate continues