Best places to buy fall clothing

Brandi Hutchinson | Contributing Writer

Wardrobe change season is finally in full effect.

It’s time to ditch shorts for pants, sandals for boots, fleeces for pea coats, bare necks for scarves and vivid colors for warm autumnal colors.

Remember, at Hampton, it’s important to rock a cool outfit, especially when the weather turns cool. This time of the year, it can be extremely difficult to find fall wear. Shorts are on sale while the sweaters are out of stock or sold at unreasonable prices.

Here are some stores that keep it convenient for the season.




H&M is a unisex store that has a wide variety of contemporary clothing, fitting the sizes of all people. It’s nearly impossible to walk in and not see something that catches your eye. The majority of their scarves come in bundles and are by far the most diversely styled. You get exactly what you paid for when it comes to their coats. The high-quality material is perfect for protection from the brisk air outside. The store delivers fashion and quality at reasonable prices.




Uniqlo is another unisex store that never fails to satisfy customers. The store originated in Japan but over the years has made itself at home in the United States. Uniqlo’s clothing is often recommended the most during the colder months. The store is well-known for its HEATTEACH series. The HEATTECH comes in three styles, each increasing the level of warmth applied. You can wear HEATTECH at home, at work or even on a casual outing.




Thrifting is a technique that people tend to underestimate. You can find some of the most valuable vintage wear in a thrift store for only $4 at the most, versus spending more than $100 on the same piece on a more popular place. Thrift stores are the spot for your oversized sweaters, “mom jeans,” bags and accessories. Most thrift store shoppers leave the store pleased, walking out with clothing with which they can create diverse looks. “I love shopping for fall clothing at bomb thrift stores,” said Zipporah Baldwin, a freshman master’s of business administration major from Alexandria. “You can always find gems and jewels, like Ralph Lauren pullovers and vintage half-zips. The best fall clothing come-up that I had at the thrift store was a vintage DKNY logo cream turtleneck.” Thrifting is a win-win situation, because the stores carry apparel for all seasons.



Nordstrom is the place to go, especially when it comes to name brand apparel. Visit the store’s website when you want to do some online shopping. Nordstrom is an American chain of luxury department stores, so you’ll find Michael Kors, Fenty, Commes des Garçons, Alexander McQueen, Puma, Nike, CHANEL, Burberry and Balenciaga all in one place. The store is also an awesome carrier of shoes. Nordstrom carries almost every shoe style that could interest you. Think of Nordstrom as your backup store when it comes to online shopping. If it’s not online, you can definitely find what you’re looking for in your local Nordstrom store.


Charming Charlie


Accessorizing is a key factor to completing any look. Who ever thought a color-coded store filled with all types of affordable jewelry would exist? Charming Charlie is a color-coded store filled with all your finest accessories — from necklaces, earrings and rings, to glasses, bags and headbands. The theme colors of the store correlate with the seasons, providing a fun and cozy environment in which customers can splurge.



Hampton University fashion: Then and now

Destany Manns | Contributing Writer


Trends have changed over the years, and the clothing has changed, too.

From oversized T-shirts and baggy pants to laced-up tops and skin-tight jeggings, it is obvious that what we wear today differs from what our parents wore back in the day. In the past few years, Hampton students have gained some attention when it comes to their clothing choices. Clothing trends have become more unique than ever, and some even believe these trends are borderline inappropriate.

“As a former Hampton University student, we as Hamptonians held ourselves to a higher standard,” Hampton alumna Kenya Winecoff said. “The way we carry ourselves defines our legacy. It is not that we aren’t accepting of these new trends, [but] we just believe there is a time and a place [for them].  We want that legacy to be one of class and sophistication.”

The ‘90s were all about urban style. Hampton alumni wore styles that we have recreated today. Celebrities inspired trends such as athletic jerseys, velvet sweat suits, Baby Phat tanks and that one oversized white T-shirt every guy had in his closet.

In today’s generation, Hampton students have traded in boot-cut for skinny and leather for leggings, but certain things remain the same. Aaliyah and Total pioneered the Tommy Hilfiger tube top and Calvin Klein bra-styled tops long before they became trends for young teens today. Male styles have transformed from urban to mainstream.

“Compared to the past, rich brands and are more in style now,” said Justin Whitner, a sophomore broadcast journalism major from Charlotte, N.C. “If everybody knows you have on something expensive, then you [look cool]. Long T-shirts and skinny jeans are really in now as well. Back then, it was more so baggy clothing that was popular; now everything is tight.”

For women, what’s considered “sexy” comes and goes, but women have been wearing different levels of revealing clothing forever.

“I do believe some styles for women have become more risqué over the years, but it’s all about what you wear and how you wear it,” said Asjah Wallace, a sophomore from Charlotte, N.C.

Hampton University has always been known for making fashion statements on campus. With the Homecoming weekend approaching, students have already planned their outfits for this year’s events. As Hamptonians, it’s in our blood to dress for success wherever we go. Dressing with class, style and sophistication is the signature Hamptonian stamp recognized across the country.

Although the styles may have changed, the legacy will always remain the same.