Best beauty collaborations with women of color

Brandi Hutchinson | Contributing Writer Shopping for makeup can one be of the most challenging experiences for women of color. For a while, shopping for makeup was a huge disappointment. Women of color often left the stores empty-handed, as it was such a struggle to find a store with the right shade. This is all simply due to the lack of a variety of shades for all skin tones. Many of the top drugstore brands have begun providing a wider range of products, including shades to complement darker skin tones. On top of that, some of the most prominent women … Continue reading Best beauty collaborations with women of color

Thrifting 101

Brandi Hutchinson | Contributing Writer Imagine going on an unplanned scavenger hunt and purchasing some of your favorite vintage antiques. Imagine exploring diverse styles, unique gifts and great spending habits all while avoiding a busy mall. That’s the thrifting experience in a nutshell. Thrifting is a trend that many overlook due to societal standards. It’s an uplifting experience because most of thrift stores are charity-based, so you’re benefiting while being benefited. Here are some tips and tricks to expand your knowledge on the benefits of thrift shopping. Wardrobe Change Over time, your style will evolve because thrifting offers so many … Continue reading Thrifting 101

Best places to buy fall clothing

Brandi Hutchinson | Contributing Writer Wardrobe change season is finally in full effect. It’s time to ditch shorts for pants, sandals for boots, fleeces for pea coats, bare necks for scarves and vivid colors for warm autumnal colors. Remember, at Hampton, it’s important to rock a cool outfit, especially when the weather turns cool. This time of the year, it can be extremely difficult to find fall wear. Shorts are on sale while the sweaters are out of stock or sold at unreasonable prices. Here are some stores that keep it convenient for the season.   H&M   H&M is … Continue reading Best places to buy fall clothing

Don’t forget: You need love, too

Brandi Hutchinson | Contributing Writer Although “self-love” may seem self-explanatory, it can be demonstrated in a variety of ways. Step 1: Put yourself first. Step 2: Love yourself unconditionally, no matter who is watching. Step 3: Free yourself of societal standards and create your own instead. “Self-love is honestly indescribable,” said Hampton University second-year journalism major Zoe Griffin. “It's being your own shoulder to cry on and consoling yourself. It's about making sure that you get enough sleep and that you’ve journaled enough for the week. It's about having the absolute best interest in yourself, unapologetically.” Self-love becomes a challenge when … Continue reading Don’t forget: You need love, too