Seven Valentine’s Day gifts for under $14

Destany Manns | Contributing Writer

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find your significant other a present that is both thoughtful and inexpensive. Here are seven gift ideas for under $14:
Teddy Bears — Most girls have said at least once that they would like a teddy bear for Valentine’s Day. It gives them something to cuddle with and remember you by.

“All I really want for Valentine’s Day is a Teddy bear,” said Asjah Wallace, a biology major from Charlotte, N.C.  “It doesn’t have to one of those big ones that you see on Twitter, but a nice sized one with a heart in the middle would be cute!”

Inexpensive teddy bears can be found at Walmart from $8.39 to $14.99.

A CD with a surprise on it — There’s nothing girls love more than originality. “Knowing that someone put in the time and effort to make me a gift would make me happy,” journalism major Tyla Barnes said.

Instead of going for the obvious, buy a pack of CDs and create a music playlist for different moods, or a collage of the time you’ve spent together.

“It doesn’t have to be the most extravagant gift, but to know that it came from the heart, that’s what matters the most to me,” Barnes said.
Flowers — A classic bouquet of roses will always do the trick. At the local grocery store or flower shop, roses or any other flower can be bought at a reasonable price.

Hayley Lawton, a journalism major from Houston, said, “I’ve never received flowers before, so that would be a really nice and simple gift to receive this year!”

Food — You can’t go wrong with food. A simple Cookout tray or ice cream date will definitely win your Valentine’s heart.

“In all honesty, I just want food or chocolate for Valentine’s Day. If a guy brought me back a cookout tray and had my order right, I would happy!” Connecticut native Raven Reaves-Jackson said.

Picture frame — Pick the cutest picture you can find, print it out at your local CVS, Walmart, or Target and frame it! Your significant other will love this personalized gift.

Gift cards — Sometimes, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Buying your loved one a gift card to their favorite store will save you the hassle of buying the “wrong” gift. If you have trouble figuring out which store, most college students would enjoy a gift card from Starbucks, Chick-fil-A or Target.

Chocolate — When it comes to food, this is a Valentine’s Day favorite. From chocolate-covered strawberries to Godiva, you’ll be able to find this gift at almost any grocery store for a good price.

These gift ideas are bound to put a smile on your significant other’s face this Valentine’s Day. Make sure you grab that gift now before it’s too late!


The cheating heart

Destany Manns | Contributing Writer

A relationship is a commitment between two people, for most. No games, just honesty and trust. However, some tend to stray away from this commitment.

Cheating is one of the top reasons couples break up today, making it more difficult to trust and be trusted. Where does this desire to cheat come from and what exactly does it mean to “cheat and be cheated on?”

Similar to flirting, the definition of cheating varies from person to person. “Cheating is hard to define because people have different understandings in their relationships,” said Zoe Gabel, a nursing major, from Philadelphia. “For me, my definition of cheating is acting in any way that is disrespectful or breaking the lines of mutual understandings of what it means to be together.”

“I consider cheating to be when my attention shifts from my significant other to someone else. If I’m entertaining another girl instead of my own, that’s cheating,” said Demandre Colston, a pre-pharmacy major, from Roanoke, Va.

There are gray areas when it comes to cheating, but most can agree that cheating consists of becoming physically intimate with someone other than your partner. This question arises: why does one go searching for more when they already have everything that they claim they want?

“[There is no] excuse to cheat, but most people’s reasoning is that the person they are with isn’t for them or that they don’t feel the same connection they once felt for them,” said Richmond native, Robert Osborne. “When you start to feel like the relationship isn’t what it used to be, you start looking for qualities [from] when the relationship was good in other places and other people.”

Some will only stay faithful if their significant other can keep them satisfied. However, if you feel like your partner isn’t “the one,” why string them along?

“It’s nice to have that safety net, someone to go back to. You know that they’ll always be around even without the physical aspect of the relationship.” said Breeon Buchanan, a strategic communications major from Philadelphia.

In a relationship, it’s often best to be up front and honest so it can work out. On the other hand, sometimes the relationship just can’t be fixed.

“A girl can try to do everything in her power to keep her man from cheating. She can feel as though she is doing everything right, but if temptation gets the best of him, he’s going to cheat.” said journalism major Tyla Barnes.

There is a double standard when it comes to cheating. Believe it or not, girls cheat just like guys do. When a boy cheats, there is often little to no surprise. Yet, it is frowned upon more for a woman to cheat on a man.

“There is a noticeable double standard when it comes to cheating. Women are seen as always being faithful while men have the ‘boy will be boys’ outlook,” said biology major Asjah Wallace. “I feel as though guys aren’t [viewed] as negatively as girls are when it comes to cheating, and, in some cases, guys use that to brag.”

Despite the frequency of cheating in today’s society, there are still some who overlook the temptation of the forbidden fruit. “When I am able to say he is ‘the one,’ that’s a wrap,” said Autumn Rikard, a pre-pharmacy major, from Charlotte. “Why would I want to ruin something great looking for something good?”

Hampton University fashion: Then and now

Destany Manns | Contributing Writer


Trends have changed over the years, and the clothing has changed, too.

From oversized T-shirts and baggy pants to laced-up tops and skin-tight jeggings, it is obvious that what we wear today differs from what our parents wore back in the day. In the past few years, Hampton students have gained some attention when it comes to their clothing choices. Clothing trends have become more unique than ever, and some even believe these trends are borderline inappropriate.

“As a former Hampton University student, we as Hamptonians held ourselves to a higher standard,” Hampton alumna Kenya Winecoff said. “The way we carry ourselves defines our legacy. It is not that we aren’t accepting of these new trends, [but] we just believe there is a time and a place [for them].  We want that legacy to be one of class and sophistication.”

The ‘90s were all about urban style. Hampton alumni wore styles that we have recreated today. Celebrities inspired trends such as athletic jerseys, velvet sweat suits, Baby Phat tanks and that one oversized white T-shirt every guy had in his closet.

In today’s generation, Hampton students have traded in boot-cut for skinny and leather for leggings, but certain things remain the same. Aaliyah and Total pioneered the Tommy Hilfiger tube top and Calvin Klein bra-styled tops long before they became trends for young teens today. Male styles have transformed from urban to mainstream.

“Compared to the past, rich brands and are more in style now,” said Justin Whitner, a sophomore broadcast journalism major from Charlotte, N.C. “If everybody knows you have on something expensive, then you [look cool]. Long T-shirts and skinny jeans are really in now as well. Back then, it was more so baggy clothing that was popular; now everything is tight.”

For women, what’s considered “sexy” comes and goes, but women have been wearing different levels of revealing clothing forever.

“I do believe some styles for women have become more risqué over the years, but it’s all about what you wear and how you wear it,” said Asjah Wallace, a sophomore from Charlotte, N.C.

Hampton University has always been known for making fashion statements on campus. With the Homecoming weekend approaching, students have already planned their outfits for this year’s events. As Hamptonians, it’s in our blood to dress for success wherever we go. Dressing with class, style and sophistication is the signature Hamptonian stamp recognized across the country.

Although the styles may have changed, the legacy will always remain the same.