Extreme cold spreads across U.S.

Odyssey Fields | Staff Writer As a cold breeze washes over Hampton University, students and faculty alike bundle up—fighting  against the chill. Last week winter temperatures dropped all over the U.S. The temperatures in the Midwest plunged deep into negative numbers. According to CNN, these temperatures were even lower than those in Alaska and, as a result, affected over 85 million people. A polar vortex had gradually begun to move over the northern and eastern states of North America. The polar vortex affected Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New York, Indiana, Texas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Missouri. “People [were] freezing … Continue reading Extreme cold spreads across U.S.

Diversity issue in big law

Amirrah Watson| Staff Writer In December of last year, the multimillion-dollar law firm Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Waharton & Garrison announced on its LinkedIn profile the addition of 12 employees to gain the rank of partner. The announcement was accompanied by a photograph featuring the faces of 11 white men and a white woman. Per adverse reception, the picture of the new hires has now been removed from the website, and Chairman Brad Karp released an email calling for a company-wide town hall meeting to address matters of “diversity” and “associate professional satisfaction.” According to the website law.com, this firm employs … Continue reading Diversity issue in big law

Kamala Harris a Democratic contender

Justin Norris | Staff Writer Tony Avelar | Associated Press Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) has officially thrown her hat into the ring by announcing her candidacy for the 2020 presidential election. The first-term junior senator formally declared her candidacy Jan. 21, on Good Morning America. Harris’ campaign launch was strategic: She announced her decision to run on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and the color scheme and layout of her campaign logo draws inspiration from Shirley Chisholm, the first black woman to run for president from a major political party. Harris capitalized on the momentum of her announcement by holding … Continue reading Kamala Harris a Democratic contender

HU track team narrowly escapes bus fire in North Carolina

Cameron Williams | Staff Writer Bus occupants scrambled to get to safety as the fire grew larger and hotter as the bus continued to burn and crumble. This sounds like the latest action movie, but it was an actual event that happened to 40-plus Hampton University students. “It was complete panic mode,” said Asha Copland, an HU sophomore journalism major and track team member. “Everyone in the front [was] frozen in fear. It was definitely one of the craziest experiences I’ve witnessed.” According to an article by WAVY.com, the fire started Saturday night on Interstate 95 in Wilson County, North … Continue reading HU track team narrowly escapes bus fire in North Carolina

Boys will be boys is not an excuse: Addressing toxic masculinity

Kayla Lipscomb | Staff Writer Gillette, a razor company, used a commercial called We Believe: The Best Men Can Be to address male privilege and toxic behavior that is accepted by men by showing scenes from a TV show where a man is groping a woman, showing bullying and showing belittlement of peers in the workplace. The commercial ended with an act of teaching boys to do morally correct actions and giving respect to others and not making the excuse “Boys will be boys” again! The commercial later received backlash, and many took to social media to discuss toxic masculinity … Continue reading Boys will be boys is not an excuse: Addressing toxic masculinity

An animated review of an anime movie

Ryland Staples | Staff Writer Editor’s note: This article contains movie spoilers. The Dragon Ball franchise has been a part of countless people’s lives for decades: from the original Dragon Ball to Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super and even the not-so-talked-about Dragon Ball GT. It has been here for decades, and with the release of the new movie, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, we were all reminded of why Dragon Ball still has a special place in people’s hearts to this day. The character of Broly is not actually new to the Dragon Ball fanbase; he actually came from a … Continue reading An animated review of an anime movie

Social media is distracting you from your goals

Lindsay Keener |Staff Writer When’s the last time you had a real conversation? An authentic face-to-face conversation without interruptions from Twitter or Instagram? If it’s hard to remember, here’s your wakeup call: It’s time to put down your phone. I will be the first to admit that my phone is almost always on me and, at times, can be a distraction from important tasks. It’s almost second nature to scroll on Twitter when I’m bored or click through Snapchat when I’m waiting for my online textbook to load. If I know anything about the members of my generation, I know … Continue reading Social media is distracting you from your goals