What is the coronavirus?

Simone Quary | Staff Writer Photo Credit: Pexels user Pranidchakan Boonrom Every year, it seems as if a new virus or disease makes international headlines and puts the health of citizens across the world in jeopardy. Mass hysteria ensues and can result in false information being spread.  The coronavirus, a virus targeting the respiratory system, has killed 494 people and infected approximately 24,600 individuals as of Feb. 5, CNN reported. Moreover, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has reported coronavirus cases in four U.S. states. Two cases were reported in California and Illinois, and one person each in Washington and … Continue reading What is the coronavirus?

International Olympic Committee Bans Protesting for 2020 Olympics

Gabrielle Chenault | Staff Writer Photo Credit: Flickr User Elliot Harmon “We were just human beings who saw a need to bring attention to the inequality in our country.”  When John Carlos and Tommie Smith decided to protest during the medal ceremony at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City, they had no idea the series of events that would follow. These two African American men did a black power salute at the games and while many were proud of this feat, many Americans were extremely upset. They were suspended from the U.S. team, received death threats, lost countless sports … Continue reading International Olympic Committee Bans Protesting for 2020 Olympics

More Than 1000 Earthquakes Have Rocked Puerto Rico

Sara Avery | Staff Writer Puerto Rican Governor Wanda Vasquez Garced has declared a state of emergency after the island continues to be rocked by earthquakes and several aftershocks. “We inform the activation of the National Guard and the Emergency declaration that allows speedy government processes to ensure effective execution,” Garced tweeted. According to the Puerto Rico Seismic Network, the country has been hit with upwards of 1,000 earthquakes since the beginning of the new year that all measure 2.0 and above on the Richter Scale. The majority of the quakes are a result of the Punta Montalva Fault in … Continue reading More Than 1000 Earthquakes Have Rocked Puerto Rico

Republican Congressman Pleads Guilty to Stealing Campaign Funds

Staff Writer: William Paul Ellis After months of calling the allegations against him a “witch hunt,” United States Congressman Duncan Hunter plead guilty Dec. 3 to a campaign finance violation.  According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, the hearing took place in a courtroom of the United States District Court of Southern California, where Hunter plead guilty to one count in order for the prosecutors to dismiss 59 other counts against him.  In an interview with San Diego radio station KUSI, Hunter seemed to imply that his misuse of campaign funds were not mischievous in nature.  As he stated during the … Continue reading Republican Congressman Pleads Guilty to Stealing Campaign Funds

Racial acts cause uproar at Syracuse University

Staff Writer: Simone Quary Photo Credit: Associated Press One of the most fundamental American rights, the right to freedom of speech, allows citizens to articulate their opinions on almost any platform without fear of retaliation by the government.  However, as with any law, there is a limit on this freedom. When the expression of an opinion results in the harm of a person or a group of people, legal prosecution must take place. In what seems to be a more polarized nation than ever before, the opinions and attitudes that people have expressed in the past are more likely to … Continue reading Racial acts cause uproar at Syracuse University

Censorship on Egyptian Press

Staff Writer: Gabrielle Chenault Photo Credit: AP Newsroom Freedom of the press is a privilege that most countries do not benefit from. Due to the first amendment of the United States, journalism corporations can report and publish news articles pertaining to the government. In Egypt, Mada Masr, or Scope of Egypt, one of the country’s last independent news outlets, was raided Nov. 25. The news outlet has been critical about exposing the injustices that are occurring within the government.  Although Egypt’s current constitution expresses the concepts of freedom of press, and bans censorship, these rights are rarely practiced. According to the … Continue reading Censorship on Egyptian Press

Rodney Reed: Texas prisoner facing death penalty

Sara Avery | Staff Writer Photo Credit: Flickr User 4WardEver CampaignbUK   Texas prisoner Rodney Reed is set to be executed Nov. 20 after spending 21 years on death row for the murder of 19-year-old Stacy Stites in 1966. However, new witness testimonies and doubt surrounding the initial evidence and trial of the case have helped garner nationwide support to stop the execution. Celebrities such as Yara Shahidi, Rihanna and Gigi Hadid have used their platforms to bring awareness to the case and call on Texas Governor Greg Abbott to grant Reed clemency. “We must come together to prevent a gross injustice,” … Continue reading Rodney Reed: Texas prisoner facing death penalty