Local and World


  • Divided in Sanctity
    Kailah Lee|Staff Writer Home. A concept of living that has a face of togetherness, warmth and security. It is a place to confide in family and rest one’s weary head. The feeling of family is truly what makes a home, but as family…
  • What Biden’s Win Means for Black Americans
    Miles Richardson|Staff Writer So, after months of anxiety and social unrest centered around this election, we finally have a result. Joe Biden ran his campaign by convincing the public that Donald Trump is the boogeyman for Black people.  While being interviewed by Breakfast…
  • Politics Can No Longer be Swept Under the Rug
    Ryland Staples | Staff Writer People usually don’t like to talk about politics. Either it will lead to talking about something unpleasant or just make people angry. However, over the past four years, politics have become a larger part of our daily lives. Since…


  • Voting is a right
     Kennedy P. Buck | Staff Writer Fifty-five years ago, the US Congress passed the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which outlawed any discriminatory voting practices. This Act was passed because at the time many Africans Americans couldn’t exercise their right to vote in…
  • November is more than Thanksgiving
    Shirmarie Starks | Staff Writer The start of November may be important for you because it signifies the soon-to-be arrival of Thanksgiving. However, there are over 122 million reasons to consider November an important month. For 30 days out of the year, there…
  • The history and importance of Black horror
    Gabrielle Chenault | Lifestyle Section Editor When most people hear the word “horror movie” they immediately think of paranormal or suspense movies. The horror genre is actually a combination of many subgenres, such as slasher, survival, psychological and comedy horror, which contain a…

Arts and Entertainment


  • Los Angeles Dodgers win World Series
    Jessica Coleman | Staff Writer The Los Angeles Dodgers won the 2020 World Series championship on Oct. 27 by defeating the Tampa Bay Rays 3-1 in Game 6.  The Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series 16 days after the Los Angeles Lakers…
  • The Return of Big Ten Football
    Aliyu Saadu|Staff Writer Big Ten Conference college football made its return October 23 after initially announcing the postponement of fall sports in August due to the coronavirus pandemic. The conference started its season in October instead of the traditional Labor Day Weekend with…
  • Teofimo Lopez win over Featherweight Champ
    Noah Hogan | Staff Writer Teofimo Lopez did the unthinkable this past Saturday night as he upset reigning champion, Vasiliy Lomachenko, becoming the youngest undisputed champion in boxing at the age of 23, and the first Honduran American born fighter to do so. …

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