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  • Thank You, Andre
     Grace Elizabeth Hackney | Staff Writer The fashion community has taken a hit in these past few months. The unexpected death of Virgil Abloh in November and Andre Leon Talley in January have left many creatives, especially Black creatives, in the fashion industry…
  • The Men Who Stand On Trial 
    Sydney McCall | Staff Writer A nearly all-white jury convicted three men of the killing of Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old Black man killed in Georgia on Feb. 23, 2021, after three men chased and killed him.  The verdict came days after the not-guilty…
  • A Penny for Your Pleasure, a Dollar for Your Smile
    Alfred Johnson | Staff Writer As Christmas gets closer, many of us find ourselves scrambling to get the perfect gift, if not for our family and friends, then for ourselves too. There is an incredible amount of pressure surrounding the search.  We’re all…


Arts and Entertainment


  • The Knight’s in Shining Blue and White
    HU Basketball Players Read and Talk to the Little Knights of Barron Elementary School By O’Shay Jelks | Staff Writer Hampton basketball player Marquis Godwin reads to a class of children at Barron Elementary School. Photo approved by Hampton City Schools. By O’Shay…
  • It’s Time: The NBA is Back
    Wynton Jackson | Script Staff Writer After yet another tumultuous offseason full of drama and blockbuster trades, the National Basketball Association is back. The NBA’s 76th season kicked off on October 18 and, in only a week, has provided a multitude of engaging…
  • Deshaun Watson and the NFL’s Stance on Sexual Assault
    Wynton Jackson | Staff Writer In a move that shocked the sports realm, Houston lawyer Tony Buzbee filed a lawsuit against Houston Texans superstar quarterback Deshaun Watson on March 16, 2021.  Buzbee alleged that Watson had assaulted four former massage therapists, according to…


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