Six Simple Workouts: Dorm Edition

Tyrone Farmer | Staff Writer

College can be strenuous, and as a result, so can your eating habits. It may seem cumbersome to stay on track with your health and diet between the cafe’s food, fast food, and many snacks at random.

Sometimes working out in public gyms can come with reluctance, so here are six dorm-friendly workouts you can try.


Pushups are a good starter for any workout. They focus on the upper body, keying on the chest muscles, shoulders, triceps and abdomen. To get the perfect pushup, start in a plank position with your arms shoulder width apart. 

Lower your entire body, keeping your head up and back flat. Push back up to the starter position and engage your core. An ideal starter set is 10 to 15 pushups for three sets.


Situps are a great way to get your entire core involved in the workout. Lay down flat on your back with your feet flat on the floor. There are two standard forms for your arms: cross your arms at your chest or put them behind your head. 

Raise your torso until you are upright, looking at your knees. Slowly lower your torso until you are back in the resting position. Repeat this process 20 to 25 reps for three sets.

Air squats

Air squats are the perfect workout for engaging the thighs, hamstrings and glutes. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Tighten your core as you squat. 

Get low as if you were modeling a chair. Make sure to keep your weight on your heels and your back straight. Again, repeat this process for 20 to 30 reps for three sets.

Walking lunge

The walking lunge is a beneficial method for building up your leg muscles. Start by taking a step forward with one leg while simultaneously tightening your core. 

This first motion engages the glutes, hamstrings and quads. Bend the same leg until your knee touches the ground and pause for a second. Raise your knee and do the same thing with the opposite leg. 

The exercise should mimic an exaggerated walking motion. Repeat 10 to 12 reps for three sets.

Leg raises

Leg raises engage the upper body and lower body. The lower and upper abs, quads and back muscles are advanced as you go through this exercise. Start by lying flat on your back with your hands placed directly below your glutes. 

Next, bring your feet 6 inches off the ground. Begin to raise your feet straight up to a 90-degree angle while everything else stays in place. As you lower your feet back down, remember to block them from hitting the ground. 

This exercise is sure to get your abdomen burning! Repeat 10 to 20 reps for three sets.


Planks are always an ideal way to end a workout. The plank position, similar to the pushup position, rests on the toes, but the upper body pressure is on your elbows. Planks fully engage your core, working all abdominal muscles. 

This is often used as a cool-down, yet this exercise will leave your core burning. Repeat this for 15- to 30-second reps for three sets.

If you feel inclined to get out, walking is always a good form of exercise. But the cold weather is here, so make sure to bundle up!


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