Rob Lee’s Sweet Life

 Trinity Goppy | Staff Writer

HBO’s unscripted reality series, Sweet Life: Los Angeles, directed by Issa Rae focuses on the lives of an ambitious group of Black friends as they navigate adulthood success. Amongst them is Robert “Rob” Lee, a Chicago-born comedian.

“I always knew that I was funny. Since I was about 13 or 14 years old, I always said that I would tell a joke this way instead,” said Lee. “My pastor in highschool once told me ‘laughter does the heart good like medicine.’”

Graduating from Howard University with two film degrees allowed Lee to expand his interests and push himself to new heights.

Lee’s charisma and personality on screen is prominent and that resonates with his comedic career.

“I’ve always enjoyed putting smiles on faces,” said Lee. “I’ve always tried to be relatable with my jokes. I typically use life experiences and for some reason self-deprecation is funny to people. I try to bring life to something and try not to take things too seriously.”

Lee moved to Los Angeles in 2020 amidst the pandemic to pursue his dreams of becoming a comedian and creator. Despite opportunities being limited during the pandemic, Lee thrived and accomplished some of his goals. 

Within six months, Lee was cast in Sweet Life: Los Angeles.

“Moving in the middle of a pandemic is what you would expect,” said Lee. It was a gamble, but I knew that once I got there, everything would fall into place.”

On the show, Lee shares that he is a teacher for younger children in the public school system. The audience sees the highs and lows of virtual learning from an educator’s stand point. 

“I am excited for this year and what I have lined up,” he said. “We are gonna start shooting season two of the show, focusing on my comedy career and stepping into a modeling space. This year is gonna be great.”

Currently, he is collaborating with Cross Colours, the original hip-hop clothing brand from the 1990s. He will be featured in their Foot Locker campaign that will showcase rising artists in apparel that portrays the authenticity of street life. 

The campaign will feature fellow Sweet Life: Los Angeles star P’JAE Compton, Interscope artist Lute, American professional boxer Gabriel Rosado and model Krysta Foster. 

“Growing up, Cross Colours was something that exemplified Black excellence,” Lee said. “They also have a HBCU initiative that is really dope. I am excited to work with them and to hopefully work with them more in the future.”


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