Childish Gambino releases fourth studio album: 3.15.20

Barry Jones | Staff Writer Photo Credit: Flickr User Dan Garcia Coming off (arguably) his biggest year in 2018, Gambino has finally returned to deliver his fourth studio album, 3.15.20. Named after the date it was released, the Atlanta musician took the internet by storm by randomly releasing the project via a website titled “” The album was playing continuously on this website from March 15 to March 16 and was removed suddenly with no warning. Six days later, the album hit all digital streaming platforms – still with minimal promotion – and came to a surprise to most. If … Continue reading Childish Gambino releases fourth studio album: 3.15.20

Coming to a Shameless end

Naomi Ludlow | Arts and Entertainment Editor Showtime “Anytime” App The Gallaghers have returned to the screen with even more shenanigans. From Frank’s (William H. Macy) numerous scams to Fiona’s (Emmy Rossum) matriarchal nature, nothing has changed from the South Side’s craziest family. Shameless season 9 has just ended, and a lot of things unfolded within the past few weeks. This TV family never fails to bring to life the struggles of the lower class, no matter how funny it may seem. This season, we see the Gallaghers have a new household leader, Debbie (Emma Kenney), as Fiona decided to … Continue reading Coming to a Shameless end

Living your life like it’s golden

Mia Concepcion | Staff Writer Flickr User Seaternity Let’s be ready to live. Our lives truly begin when we quit surrendering ourselves to fear. When we decide that we will no longer make room for its controlling presence to dictate our next move. Fear’s only intention is to torment and steal our peace. The moment we think we’re safe from fear’s divisive plans, it makes an unexpected appearance. Instead of confronting it, we run from it. The question that must now be asked is, what are we running from? What is it that we are so afraid of facing alone? … Continue reading Living your life like it’s golden

Faux fashion: Some fake it, but you don’t need to take it

Naomi Ludlow | Arts & Entertainment Editor Flickr User Nrrwvision Fashion Week has finally made its way back around, giving society the keys to be fashionably fit. Many designers are showcasing their collections in hopes of impressing the ones watching. Along with these original designs are the ones duplicating it. “Counterfeit fashion” includes items that pose to be something that they are not, such as the bags some people sell out of their cars. An item trademarked to represent the company it is imitating has subtle differences that aren’t caught by the normal consumer. For example, someone may be selling … Continue reading Faux fashion: Some fake it, but you don’t need to take it

Gucci criticized for sweater’s resemblance to blackface

Amber Smith | Staff Writer Flickr User Heidi Uusitorppa The popular fashion brand Gucci infuriated many customers with its release of a black sweater which resembles blackface. The black wool balaclava sweater – appearing similar to blackface, the practice of non-black performers wearing black makeup on their face in order to make a mockery of the behaviors and features of black people – arrived as an unappreciated, unpleasant surprise during Black History Month. While some people say this was merely a lapse in judgment from the brand, others think this is an outward act of racism and have decided to … Continue reading Gucci criticized for sweater’s resemblance to blackface

Reacting to rejection

Mia Concepcion | Staff Writer The word “no” is commonly feared and disliked. Rejection often evokes feelings of inadequacy. Discouragement begins to linger, competence is questioned, and uncertainty arises upon hearing this unsettling word. In life, not every request or desire will be answered with a yes. Sometimes, the words “no” and “maybe” are more appropriate for a situation. When events do not play out as hoped, the plan toward achieving a goal must be adjusted. Both the route to goals and goals themselves ought to be flexible—therefore it is important to learn how to healthily and appropriately respond to … Continue reading Reacting to rejection

Growing criticism on mainstream rap music

Jaelan Leonard | Contributing Writer Hip-hop/rap music is a global phenomenon that permeates every facet of our society. Hip-hop doesn’t just influence the mainstream, it is the mainstream. However, its recent decline in sales and growth in criticism have said otherwise. In a span of more than 40 years, rap music has evolved to fit the cultural aspects of the changing society. Many individuals use rap music as a form of expression to explain ongoing problems that they are facing. The internet has changed the music industry to allow for creative musical expression. It is also a great tool that … Continue reading Growing criticism on mainstream rap music

Marshall Movie Review

Selena Roberts | Staff Writer This time of year promises new films that will be sure to generate excitement from audiences everywhere. One film that is sure to get Oscar buzz is none other than Marshall. Marshall is a unique biopic that showcases the esteemed judge’s early beginnings as a young lawyer working for the NAACP. The film displays Thurgood Marshall’s career and life before his victorious win in Brown VS. Board of Education, the case responsible for desegregating schools in 1954, and his role as the first African American Supreme Court Justice. The film stars Chadwick Boseman as Thurgood … Continue reading Marshall Movie Review