2018 Founding Day celebrates legacy and legends

Steven Hall | Staff Writer

foiunders pic
 From left, Lt. Col. Claude Vann III and HU President Dr. William R. Harvey | Hampton University

An exquisite program was held on Easter Sunday April 1st, 2018 in Ogden Hall featuring Hampton’s own University Choir, Gospel (His Chosen Sounds) Choir and Concert Choir all under the direction of Choir Director Omar J. Dickenson.

On April 1st, 1868 a legacy began through the establishment of Hampton University, formerly known as Hampton Institute, through Brigadier General Samuel Chapman Armstrong.

Serving 40 years, President William R. Harvey has left a legendary mark on Hampton’s economic and social presence, not only among HBCU’s but nationally.

The program began promptly at 11am led by Reverend Dr. Debra L. Haggins.

Along with the 150 & 40 year anniversaries, the University also celebrates Dr. Haggins on going into her 10th year as the University Chaplain.

Earnest Pugh had the crowd clapping in their seats with the help of the choir during offering.

The crowd was moved to their feet throughout the event from Mr. Pugh’s vocal strength and vigor.

President Harvey took the time to explain the difference between Founding Day and Founder’s Day.

Hampton University’s Founders’ Day, January 28th is when we celebrate founder Samuel Chapman Armstrong’s legacy. April 1st, Founding Day is the celebration of Hampton University’s actual Founding Day.

Going further in his speech, Dr. Harvey spoke on the issues Armstrong faced like “haters, snakes and ignorant” people in his life, with the recent events that would ensue as he slowly brought his speech to an end.

During the program, Student Government Association President Martha Baye, gave a brief speech on the fine points on the historical overview of her Home By the Sea after 150 years.

At the end the service guest speaker, Dr. Michael A. Battle spoke strongly on surrounding yourself with supportive individuals to grow.

“Everyone needs someone to support them; A supporter and advocate,” said Battle.

“No one can bring you down if God is with you, she said in reference to Psalm 23:4.

After 150 years Armstrong dreams and hard work live on through President Harvey as he continues the legacy.


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