Howard University at center of financial aid scandal

Zoe Griffin | Contributing Writer

In 2017, an auditor discovered that Howard University employees had misappropriated financial aid funds over an astonishing period of nine years. Some of the employees received tuition benefits and tuition remission for the same classes.

The investigation concluded that the employees had earned more money than their education cost, and that they had kept the balance for themselves.

It was later revealed that six people were allegedly involved in the Howard University financial aid scam.

The anonymous writer of the Medium story hinted that that Howard University President Wayne Fredrick and his administration had been aware of the scam since May 2017. It was also noted that at least seven high-level financial aid officials had either resigned from their positions or been discreetly let go.

Howard University students crowded the university’s administrative office on Thursday demanding answers after learning the news. Some students have called for Howard University’s president’s immediate resignation. Twitter blew up with memes, tweets from concerned students, and even a video of Howard students singing Rihanna’s hit song “BBHMM.”

Following the public’s discovery of this scam, Howard University’s President released a statement announcing that Howard University has made efforts to reform. “Significant new policies and procedures have been implemented to strengthen Howard’s internal controls with respect to the awarding of financial aid,” he said.

The reforms efforts include a more stringent process for grant approvals and a way for students to have access to information regarding the annual budgets for each category of financial aid.

Also, according to The Washington Post, six employees were recently fired after the investigation.

“I don’t wish something like this to happen to anyone ever. My daughter attends an HBCU. I know that college isn’t cheap and that so many families put everything on the line for their children to get higher education. There is no excuse for this. This shouldn’t have slipped through the cracks,” said Hampton University parent Kristen Hudson.



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