2018 student elections: The new faces of change

Steven Hall | Staff Writer

From left, Jonathan Mack, Jordan McKinney and Kenneth Rioland III | Steven Hall

As the year approaches its end, SGA and class office elections went underway for the 2018-19 academic school year.

The positions up for grabs were the Student Government Association (SGA) president and vice president, student representative to the Board of Trustees and representative to the Organizational Board.

Along with those head titles are the respective leader positions for the rising senior class (Quintessence), junior class (Onyx) and sophomore class (Ogre Phi Ogre).

This year, there were several electoral places that only had one candidate, as they were running unopposed.

Taylor McIntyre, a junior communicative sciences and disorders major from Brooklyn, N.Y., was one of those unopposed candidates, but even so, McIntyre showed an immense amount of enthusiasm and eagerness along with the others who didn’t run against anyone.

“QTX is full of vibrant, hardworking students, whose goal is to obtain their degree but also get the most of their college experience,” McIntyre said.

Through the very meticulous and competitive election process, some candidates stood out by having already implemented change and results throughout the school year, such as freshman journalism major, Dahyo Coleman, who is from Cherry Hill, N.J.

From working with the Freshman Fashion Show to being a head over Freshman Week, Coleman has really been putting in the work as highly accredited “Freshman of Excellence.”

“These two major events required a diligent mind,” Coleman said.

“I work on a lot of flyers you saw this year from spring fest, to stuff for the freshman class as well as some candidates’ campaign materials. Being able to work under these deadlines and produce satisfying content was hard, but it let me practice my turnaround time.”

As elections ended March 13, many class and candidate favorites were picked to head over the student body.

Jonathan Mack, a sophomore kinesiology major from Virginia Beach, Virginia, and elected 2018-19 SGA vice president, was full of excitement when he heard of his great news.

“Thank you to those who entrusted me to be in this position! I will not take this job lightly and understand that the responsibilities that will be placed on me are much bigger than myself,” Mack said.

“This is a pivotal time for our university to continue to grow and for our student body to truly feel and see that their voices are being heard.

“Do not hesitate to approach me with any ideas, suggestions, comments, etc., that will help improve this campus. This will be a team effort, and I’m looking forward to the challenge that lies ahead. Let’s make it happen!”

The results for 2018-19 school year elections are as follows:

– SGA President Jordan McKinney

– SGA VP Jonathan Mack

– Student Representative to the Board of Trustees Kenneth Rioland III

– Senior Class President (QT) Michael Adams Jr.

– Senior Class VP (QT) Taylor


– Mister Senior Joshua Thompson

– Miss Senior Attendant Ashirah Curry

– Junior Class President (Onyx) John Mitchell

– Secretary Bailey Post

– Treasurer Brittany Mims

– Parliamentarian Jaelyn Magee

– Miss Junior Maya Thames

–  Mister Junior Robert Osborne

– Sophomore Class President (Ogre) Oshae Moore

– Sophomore Class VP Rabia Brown

– Representative to the Organizational Board Malcolm Stanley

With a team of hardworking student officials, the future of the HU


Planning your best vacay ever

Leenika Belfield-Martin | Lifestyle Editor

IMG_0024 (1).JPG
Leenika Belfield-Martin

As a child, going on vacation was as simple as helping your parents pack. As adults, we are tasked with the duty of actually having to plan out and finance our vacations. This is definitely easier said than done.

Here are some tips from planning your trips and even some places in Virginia to check out if you’re still in the area this summer.

The first tip is to plan within your group’s budget. Not everyone is going to be able to afford Cancun, and that’s fine, because they are cheaper options. Just keep in mind that during a vacation you will spend a lot of money on food, excursions and attractions. Sites such as Groupon can help you save a little money and figure out the discounted places in the area.

Pack wisely and try to limit the valuables you bring. Items you absolutely can’t leave at home are money (cash and card), I.D., cellphone and chargers, an itinerary and a passport — if you are traveling abroad. Observe the weather trends in the area to help you select reasonable clothing.

Research your hotel/resort beforehand to understand if the hotel is the best fit for you and your party. Some hotels also won’t let you check out of a hotel room until you’re 21, so keep that in mind. Choosing a hotel is more about comfortability and amenities than flashiness. Yes, staying in a five-star, fancy hotel is fun, but you aren’t on vacation to stay in the hotel room.

Always have a form of transportation beforehand. Nothing ruins a vacation quicker than being stranded in an unknown place. Become familiar with the local public transit options and taxi companies. But, if you want some independence when it comes to traveling, consider renting a vehicle. However, people between ages 21 and 24 may experience a “young renters fee.”

Now that you are ready for your trip, here are some Virginia venues you can visit on your trip.

If you like the beach and the boardwalk, then Virginia Beach is your spot. Because so many of the restaurants, hotels and attractions are close to one another, it is easy to walk from one to the other. You can even visit the aquarium in the area while you are there.

Virginia as a whole has a rich culture filled with historical landmarks. Williamsburg is the hub of history in the commonwealth. Colonial Williamsburg is a live, interactive museum that takes you back to the 18th century.

Williamsburg is also the home to Busch Gardens and Water Country USA, two popular attractions in Virginia. There’s also a family-friendly indoor water park and resort, Great Wolf Lodge.

Say you are tired of traditional resorts and hotels, try going camping. Virginia is a perfect state for camping because of its temperate weather and diverse land. Shenandoah River State Park is one of Virginia’s many camping sites. This park features beautiful views of mountain ranges and water streams. You also can choose between camping in a cabin or in a tent on the camping grounds.

Planning your vacation may be hard and frustrating, but in the end you will have lasting memories with your families and friends. So start planning your next getaway today.

Have the Warriors lost their sauce without Curry?

Randall Williams | Sports Editor

Flickr User Roco

It’s been a very interesting year for the reigning NBA champs.

For much of the season, the Golden State Warriors seemed sluggish, almost as if they could not care less about the regular season. Then injuries began to pile up. The team’s big four all sat out multiple games at once.

In a sense, this didn’t really matter, as NBA analysts all agreed that if the team could be ready come playoff time, they’d have nothing to worry about. On March 23, all of that changed. Steph Curry made his return from his ankle sprain, and late in the third quarter, Javale McGee awkwardly fell into Curry’s right knee. Curry immediately limped away, grimacing in pain. After a couple of days, the team diagnosed their starting guard with a grade 2 MCL sprain, an injury that could keep him out three to four weeks.

What Curry brings to the floor for his team is incomparable. He’s able to spread out the opposition’s defense to not only create opportunities for himself but his teammates, too. Still, without their main man, the Warriors were still in good shape. Having Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green is as good as a trio as anyone’s — at least, that’s what was thought. Since Curry went out again, the team has been a lackluster 4-6. Three of those four wins came against the bottom-feeders of the league.

Their one win that helped keep fans’ hopes alive was against a rival Oklahoma City Thunder team, an opponent that was constructed to tear down the Warriors. In their first two meetings, it looked like the Thunder could do it. OKC crushed Golden State with an average margin of victory of 18.5 points. In the third meeting, the Warriors used a third quarter run to bully their way to a win.

However, even with that win on their resume, things didn’t change. They continued to lose to teams that they shouldn’t such as the Pacers by 20, and even a 40-point beat-down by the Utah Jazz.

To many, it just doesn’t add up. The Warriors have the second-best player in the league, one of the best defenders and a top-two shooter. Along with this, the Warriors have found a valuable piece in Quinn Cook, who has stepped up in a tremendous fashion in Curry’s absence.

Last year, similar circumstances hit. Durant went out with an injury to his leg, but the exact opposite happened. Golden State used it as motivation to go on its longest winning streak of the season. So why hasn’t the same thing happened this year?

Stephen A. Smith and other NBA anaylsts have called out Durant to show up and take the lead.

“If [you’re] KD, nobody else should be a problem outside of Houston,” Smith said on ESPN.

It’s not just the reporters, though. Fans agree, too.

Hamptonian Cameron Austin said, “KD can’t be the best player in the world if he can’t carry his team. LeBron has been doing it for years now.”

Austin continued, “I think this all but solidifies the argument of who the best player in the world is.”

What’s crazy is, things have seemed to work out for Golden State. Out of all the teams they could have played in the first round, they ended up facing the Kawhi Leonard-less Spurs, a team they can easily sweep. You can’t ever count out any team coached by Gregg Popovich, but at the end of the day, the Warriors are the overwhelming favorite.

A four-game sweep would mean a lot to the Bay area team. They wouldn’t just build momentum, they’d also get much needed rest before facing either the Pelicans or Trail Blazers, two noteworthy opponents.

Either way, they’ll most likely need Curry for the semifinals, and definitely for the conference finals. The Rockets look to be unstoppable, and there is absolutely no way the Warriors can take out Houston without their most important player.

So the question that has arisen now is: How long can the Warriors survive without Curry?

Drake’s new music video “Nice for What” showcases influential women

Carlie Beard | Staff Writer

Dahyo Coleman

In Drake’s previous studio album, More Life, he mentioned on the song “Do Not Disturb” that “I’ll be back in 2018 to give you the summary.”


With “God’s Plan” becoming Drake’s longest-leading No. 1 song on the Hot 100 Billboard chart and the recent release of “Nice for What,” it is clear that Drake is back from hibernation and ready to showcase what he has been working on.


The message behind “Nice for What” is encouraging a woman to live her life freely and to fulfill her dreams regardless of how a man may view her. In so many words, Drake says that a woman does not need a man to feel or be beautiful and she can achieve her own goals if she is willing to work for them.


In the new hit, Drake says, “You’ve been inside, know you like to lay low, I’ve been peepin’ what you bringin’ to the table. / Workin’ hard, girl, everything paid for.” In this verse, Drake acknowledges the girl’s effort and notices qualities about her that make her special.


The Toronto native is known for having songs that uplift women. In his single “Fancy” ft. rapper T.I. and Swizz Beatz, Drake says, “Time heals all and heels hurt to walk in, But they go with the clutch that you carry your lip gloss in. / And look, I really think that nobody does it better, I love the way you put it together.”


Many have criticized Drake for being “too soft” or “emotional.” However, he seems to know how to show the ladies love.


“Most rappers in today’s music industry exploit women and degrade them,” said Kayla Evans, a Hampton sophomore sports management major from Rochester, New York. “It’s good to see Drake take a different approach and show off influential women while doing so.”


“Nice for What” is on a whole new level. Drake empowers women in this song and features different influential women in the new video, which broke the internet. Some of these strong women include actresses Tracee Ellis Ross, Yara Shahidi, Issa Rae, Tiffany Haddish, professional ballet dancer Misty Copeland and Jourdan Dunn.


Media plays a huge role in today’s society, especially for young girls. With so many influential women in the video, many young girls can be inspired to be confident in their skin and love who they are.


The video is simple and modern. All of the women are presented as powerful, poised and strong. It doesn’t portray women in the negative light viewers are used to seeing in rap music videos.


With all the recent news regarding the #MeToo movement and the sexism that women face in the entertainment industry, this song was released at the perfect time.


So what does the phrase “Nice for What” mean? Drake explains that women don’t have to be nice to guys who do not deserve them or treat them right. Drake is an influential man, and with a hit like this on his hands, he encourages women to hold themselves to the highest standard.


Cardi B has golden touch with Invasion of Privacy

Selena Roberts | Staff Writer

Selena Roberts

The hip hop industry, up until now, has been dominated by men. With the rise of Cardi B, it might not stay that way for long.


Invasion of Privacy, her awaited debut studio album, was released April 6, and it already has gone gold. This accomplishment is mostly due to the success of her hit record “Bodak Yellow,” which debuted last summer.


According to The New York Times, the Invasion of Privacy album is reminiscent of the 1990s and the 2000s, when New York rap was beginning to test its pop edges.


The album features other artists such as 21 Savage, Migos, Chance the Rapper, SZA and Kehlani. There are 13 songs, each with unique sounds.


Invasion of Privacy starts off with “Get Up 10” and ends with “I Do,” featuring SZA.  Each song covers a different a topic, from the pressures of fame to relationship issues.


“I’ve always been a fan of Cardi B,” Hampton University freshman psychology major Tanaya Jones said. “She’s always worked hard for what she wants. Invasion of Privacy is just another indicator of how talented she is. She keeps on changing the game through her own unique way.”


On Saturday Night Live, Cardi confirmed that recent pregnancy rumors were true by debuting her baby bump to the world during her performance. After the reveal, Cardi stated backstage that she was “finally free.”


Next, fans can catch Cardi on Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic World Tour in the upcoming months. She also has a deal in the works to partner with the fashion brand Fashion Nova to create her own clothing line.

HU’s 5th annual Day of Giving

By Jaylen Harris and Chelsea Harrison

Ya-Marie Sesay

Hampton University kicked off its 5th annual HU Day of Giving with a packed Student Center Atrium with eager-to-serve students.

The celebration united students, faculty and staff from across the campus to promote awareness for the foundation’s initiative: Giving back to the university.

The 24-hour festivities highlighted the importance of philanthropy, unity and teamwork, all while giving the attendees a grand show.

The noon activities included music from DJ Barry B, live dance performances, a musical selection from the HU Marching Force band, an atrium scavenger hunt, and special appearances from 2018 Mr. Pirate, Chris Bates, and Miss Hampton Brooklyne Baker.

“I initially just stopped by the STU to get a peek at the event,” senior biology major Ashley Johnson said. “I ended up staying throughout the remainder of the afternoon because of all the cool, exciting and fun things going on.”

Student hosts Delaria Ridley, a senior strategic communications major, and HU’s Mr. Junior Sherman Grant hosted the day’s events.

Students mobbed social media platforms with hashtags and photo challenges such as the “All Day Challenge,” where attendees had to posts as many clips and pictures on their social media pages, along with other hourly challenges.

“I came on a good day. If this is what Hampton is about and how the environment of the school is, you may see me again,” said Jazmyn Harding, a local Hamptonian-to-be who was in the middle of a campus tour when she got to witness the celebration.

Along with the attendees and performers, Black Opal Beauty and representatives formed tables in the Student Center, promoting their make-up products and giving away small, sample gift bags. Students also were encouraged to partake in a Black Opal Beauty photo shoot using the BOB photo booth.

As Hamptonians often say, “If you weren’t there, you’re wrong,” for the festivities were ones to not miss.

Even though the celebration has come to an end, it still isn’t too late to donate. Visit onehampton.edu for more information.




#WhoBitBeyoncé: A breakdown of Tiffany Haddish and Beyoncé’s relationship

Carlie Beard | Staff Writer

Dahyo Coleman

#WhoBitBeyoncé exploded on social media after comedian and actress Tiffany Haddish dished more news about mega star Beyoncé. Haddish told GQ Magazine that, “There was this actress [at the party], that’s just, like, doing the mostest.”

One of the most things she did? “She bit Beyoncé in the face.”

Haddish was shocked and asked Beyoncé about the encounter. Haddish told GQ that Beyoncé said she was bitten, and that the actress who did it was on drugs. Haddish wanted to confront the actress for doing so. However, Beyoncé calmed her down, Haddish asked to take a picture, and Beyoncé politely accepted.

Haddish posted this selfie on Instagram with the caption, “@beyonce was telling me that my wig was slipping….But for real she told me to have fun and I DID!”

The Girls Trip star later did an interview with TV One on the network’s UNCENSORED show. Haddish revealed that while at the party, Beyoncé looked sideways at an actress because she was rubbing on her husband, JAY-Z. When Haddish was asked who this unknown person was, she declined.

Shortly after, Beyoncé was featured in new song produced by DJ Khaled called “Top Off.” The song also featured rappers Future and JAY-Z. In the song Beyoncé says, “If you want to party with the queen you are going to have to sign a non-disclosure,” meaning if you want to party with Beyoncé then you need to sign a form agreeing not to say anything about what occurs behind the scenes. Beyoncé even takes it a step further by saying Haddish’s name shortly after saying that phrase.

Beyoncé is known for addressing her issues in her music. In 2014, when her husband and sister Solange got into an argument on the elevator, she said on “Flawless (Remix),” “Of course sometimes [things] go down when [there is] a billion dollars on an elevator.”

Beyoncé definitely knows how to turn her problems into profit, and Haddish was thrilled at the fact that she was mentioned in Beyoncé verse. On the Grammy Awards show red carpet, she told the interviewer that, “I’ve made it. When Beyoncé puts your name in a song, you are on.”

Stephon Clark shooting brings attention to police gun violence once again

Kennedi Jackson | Staff Writer

The Associated Press


In the aftermath of the most recent shootings, there has been widespread anger over gun violence, inspiring marches and protests all over the country. Now, there has been yet another unarmed shooting of a black man. Stephon Clark, a 22-year old black man living in Sacramento, CA, was shot on Sunday, March 18 by the Sacramento police.

On the evening in question, police responded to a 911 call saying that there was a man in a black hoodie who had busted a truck’s windows and was now making his way through a neighborhood’s backyards. Officers arrived on scene and the supposed perpetrator was spotted by the sheriff’s helicopter. The sheriff told police that the man was holding a toolbar and was currently breaking into another home.

The pursuit was recorded by the officers’ body cameras as they confronted the suspect in a backyard. As officers are yelling to see the suspect’s hands, one officer yelled “Gun!” Gunfire erupts.

In the end, Stephon Clark was shot multiple times. And the “gun” he was holding? It turned out to be a cellphone. Due to the outrage felt in the city of Sacramento, mass protests have been held and are expected to continue. But this anger is not only felt by California citizens; Hampton students and staff are appalled by the event as well.

Ahmaad Edmund, a first-year Political Science major, says that he was hurt when he heard about the shooting. “Think about his family…his grandparents have lost a grandchild, his sons are without a father…it’s disheartening.”

Reforming gun laws has been an issue on many people’s minds, and with Clark’s shooting it is needed more than ever. Many wonder since this has happened, what can be done to stop the gun violence against innocent people. “We need to examine this thoroughly, and have the mindset of we’re not letting up until we see changes”, says Edmund. “Until we go a year without violence, or police brutality…until that time comes we have work to do.”

Dr. Zina McGee, a sociology professor who researches gun violence, shares a similar view on the next steps America should take regarding gun violence.

“We as a society need to pay closer attention to the repercussions of having so many young people exposed to guns…We must not continue to ignore many warning signs that are often presented to us as these young people go through our schools and are not able to adequately perform because of what they’ve been exposed to.”

Stephon Clark’s funeral was held Thursday, March 29. Hundreds of people attended, paying their respects to his family before heading downtown afterwards to continue their protests. Following this tragic event, it can only be wondered when the police shootings of unarmed black men will stop, and when will law enforcement say enough is enough.

2018 Founding Day celebrates legacy and legends

Steven Hall | Staff Writer

foiunders pic
 From left, Lt. Col. Claude Vann III and HU President Dr. William R. Harvey | Hampton University

An exquisite program was held on Easter Sunday April 1st, 2018 in Ogden Hall featuring Hampton’s own University Choir, Gospel (His Chosen Sounds) Choir and Concert Choir all under the direction of Choir Director Omar J. Dickenson.

On April 1st, 1868 a legacy began through the establishment of Hampton University, formerly known as Hampton Institute, through Brigadier General Samuel Chapman Armstrong.

Serving 40 years, President William R. Harvey has left a legendary mark on Hampton’s economic and social presence, not only among HBCU’s but nationally.

The program began promptly at 11am led by Reverend Dr. Debra L. Haggins.

Along with the 150 & 40 year anniversaries, the University also celebrates Dr. Haggins on going into her 10th year as the University Chaplain.

Earnest Pugh had the crowd clapping in their seats with the help of the choir during offering.

The crowd was moved to their feet throughout the event from Mr. Pugh’s vocal strength and vigor.

President Harvey took the time to explain the difference between Founding Day and Founder’s Day.

Hampton University’s Founders’ Day, January 28th is when we celebrate founder Samuel Chapman Armstrong’s legacy. April 1st, Founding Day is the celebration of Hampton University’s actual Founding Day.

Going further in his speech, Dr. Harvey spoke on the issues Armstrong faced like “haters, snakes and ignorant” people in his life, with the recent events that would ensue as he slowly brought his speech to an end.

During the program, Student Government Association President Martha Baye, gave a brief speech on the fine points on the historical overview of her Home By the Sea after 150 years.

At the end the service guest speaker, Dr. Michael A. Battle spoke strongly on surrounding yourself with supportive individuals to grow.

“Everyone needs someone to support them; A supporter and advocate,” said Battle.

“No one can bring you down if God is with you, she said in reference to Psalm 23:4.

After 150 years Armstrong dreams and hard work live on through President Harvey as he continues the legacy.

Preserving our 3 Cs: A new time, new change

Ya-Marie Sesay | Campus Editor

Chelsea Harrison

In this year of celebration of Hampton University’s legacy, the university is also making a few changes. HU’s administration launched a new Quality Enhancement Plan: “Preserving our 3 Cs: Character, Community and Culture.”

This QEP is required for HU’s reaccreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC); accreditation is what permits schools to remain degree-granting institutions of higher education. Hampton’s last accreditation was conducted in 2008.

By emphasizing these three Cs, Hampton University hopes to increase “students’ participation and engagement in learning experiences that foster a deeper understanding of the role of character, community and culture in their personal and professional lives,” HU said in the QEP.

With the help of the campus community, a survey was conducted to determine the character development and the code of conduct. Results from this survey inspired the idea for this QEP’s theme.

Hampton administration’s goal in the years to come is to keep students engaged through transformational programs and activities that will prepare them for professional careers and global issues.

To ensure the plan is executed for all freshmen students in the upcoming years, it will be implemented through a required course– University 101.

Posters and flyers have been placed all over campus, introducing the new plan to students.

“It’s a dynamic and innovative way to reaffirm Hampton’s fundamental principles of excellence in character, community, and culture in a way that is conductive to our new generation,” said SGA President Martha Baye.