Allergy Season Remedies

Brooklyn Young | Staff Writer

Spring is here! Which also means that allergy season is too. The pollen during this season can be bothersome and impose on outdoor activities. Not to worry, we have some home remedies that can alleviate those itchy eyes and running noses. 


If you’re anything like Jetaun Carpenter from Chicago, you might prefer in-home practices like steaming. You can use steam as a decongestant in a plethora of ways. 

  • Pair steam with essential oils like eucalyptus or peppermint
  • Pair steaming water with citruses like lemon and/or oranges 
  • Taking steaming showers with eucalyptus plant 
  • Steam from mint or green tea with apple cider vinegar
  • Humidifiers 

Whether you want to steam in the shower or sit at your table and inhale it, breathing in hot steam helps to clear the passages by moistening and breaking up mucus. “I typically boil a pot of water, put in lemon and oranges and sometimes add a little mint oil and rest my head over the steam,” said Jetaun Carpenter. “This is what gets me through allergy season.” 


A little honey a day, keeps the allergies away. Eating honey every day can improve your immunity to pollen. Many people use honey in their tea, but some eat it raw. This remedy can also be used on the go by packing honey in plastic bags or purchasing pre packaged. 

Cold compression 

Some allergy flare ups come with itchy eyes. Using a cold towel for compression can reduce irritation and inflammation. 

Clean home

Seems simple but maintaining a clean house can reduce the severity of allergies. Regularly dust bookcases, desks, fans, top of your headboard and other places where pollen hides. Changing your linen routinely is also very beneficial, as bacteria and allergens can build up. 

Taking care of the body

It all starts with a clean and stress-free body. Detoxing and avoiding foods that provide the body with little-to-no nutrients, like alcohol and fried foods, help improve your body’s ability to fight off allergies. Ensure that you are taking the proper vitamins like Vitamin C, along with apple cider vinegar, probiotics and turmeric.

These remedies will help for milder cases of allergies. If you experience difficulty relieving your allergies, try contacting your doctor or your local health foods store. 


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