Can YouTube couple channels ruin a relationship?

Nia Brevard | Contributing Writer

Flickr User Dragunsk Usf

In 2018, most people are creating vlogs.

Vlogs, or video blogs, are used as a way to communicate with the world and share things that interest yourself and/or others.

Vlogs range from beauty tutorials, technology reviews, fashion advice, DIY (do it yourself) hacks and health/fitness instructions.

The most popular types of vlogs are couple channels.

YouTube and other video sharing platforms are flooded with vlogs of love interests playing pranks on each other, doing skits, telling stories, and competing in social media challenges.

And, viewers can’t get enough of them.

These are a few couple channels that have grown impressively popular over the past few years:

– De’arra & Ken 4 Life: They have been vlogging since July 2015 and are considered one of the favorite couples on YouTube.

– Dwayne N Jazz: They are considered the honest couple and best known for skits and dances.

– Chris and Queen: Having publicized their relationship struggles, breakups, and family obstacles, they have gained a lot of attention through their drama, scandals and commotion.

Although vlogging with your significant other may seem like a great idea, there are some serious issues that can arise and potentially ruin the relationship.

These social media couples who blossom into popular, viral personalities are considered to be famous. In most cases, fame brings about drama and unnecessary problems.

Being a YouTube super couple, the fans, subscribers and followers on other social media outlets appear quickly, and it can be life-changing.

These couples start receiving other perks such as money from monetizing their viral videos, gifts from fans and followers, publicity and other on-camera opportunities.

However, these perks can also deteriorate these couples’ most valuable asset, their relationships.

“The weight of our relationship is the weight of our careers [and that] is the weight of our whole lives, and that pressure is not good for a relationship,” then-YouTube super couple Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith said to Independent.

“Everybody thinks everything’s perfect, that we have a perfect life, and it’s really not it at all,” Smith said. “Everybody has problems, everybody has issues but we choose not to put that in the videos usually.”

Everyone deals with things differently, and despite being a couple and vlogging together, the “life of a star” will not have the same effect on both people.

This can cause miscommunication in the relationship, leading to you and your partner only staying together for the vlog and not the relationship.

A relationship takes time and communication in order for it to work. But being a YouTube couple, it’ll take a lot more.

If something happens within the relationship, you may have to let it go for the sake of the channel if you all are dependent upon it.

Chris and Queen were once a YouTube couple, and everyone knew them and their life. But as of right now, they are no longer together.

It was stated that Chris cheated on his wife, and that ended things. He made an apology video about the whole thing, but fans were not accepting.

“I never really watched their YouTube channel, but I would see them on all social media sites,” said Kayla Cosby, a chemistry major from Silver Spring, Maryland.

“Like any other YouTube couple, they seemed stable and as if things were going good. Now after everything that happened, it made me question if the relationship was real.”

It takes a lot of effort to become a YouTube couple and maintain that status. Some couples that are now separated will even continue the vlog for its viewers and just focus on the channel.

Nevertheless, there are YouTube couples who are staying strong and balancing the life fame. So yes, couple YouTube channels can ruin a relationship, but if the relationship is really worth it, it will work out.


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