Good Girls take Hampton: The birth of a new movement

Vashti Dorman | Staff Writer

Unsplash user Jessica Felicio

In an effort to unify and empower women, The Good Girl Movement was born. Arriving on Hampton University’s campus in 2020, the movement is dedicated to redefining what it means to be genuinely and unapologetically good. 

During the week of February 14, Good Girls Hampton hosted a wide range of events celebrating women and putting spotlights on various Black businesses. 

To kick off the week, the Good Girls Movement along with Dr. Empath, an empathic psychologist focused on healing the mind, body and soul, led an event on spirituality and how to attract your desired love. The session delved into different types of spiritual connections and how to differentiate the good 

On day two of Good Girl Week, HU student Janice Jallah led “Girls Need Love Too,” a dance class on Instagram live. Celebrating various body types and doing choreography that was easy for everybody allowed participants to relax and have fun. 

A virtual Black business seminar took place on day three. The event consisted of 6 business owners and panelists including; Danielle Boateng of Dbandz Luxe, Alexis Scott of the Bad Girl Network, Ashanti Johnson of Strength of a Broken Women and Spiced by Shanti, Ayana Iman; Fashion Influencer, Dayvondria Braxton of Von Capri and Sienna Nelson of White Lephant.

During this event, panelists were able to give their insight and advice on creating a successful business as a Black woman, while also giving the do’s and don’ts of starting a business. 

Keeping the week going, Good Girls held a service initiative event hosted via Zoom, where participants were able to write love letters to incarcerated women. During the event, participants learned statistics about women in prison, including that women account for 7% of the population in state and federal prisons. 

Ending the week off, Good Girl’s member, Sage, gave numerous tips on maintaining physical health, including maintaining a good sleep schedule, a healthy diet and exercising. She went into detail on how to maintain emotional health through therapy and to evaluate the people we allow into our lives. She also shared tips from her personal experience on developing techniques to stay healthy in all facets of life, from keeping a clean room to reading the bible every day. 

To conclude the week, the Good Girls Movement won “Best New Organization” at the Student Organizational Bazaar for the 2020-2021 academic school year. 

Keep up with the Good Girls of Hampton on Instagram @goodgirlstake_hampton and @thegoodgirlmovement.


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