Red Table Talk gets candid about jaw-dropping issues

Amber Smith | Staff Writer

There’s never been a comfortable time to talk about compelling issues with family members, until now. The Red Table Talk series is a web talk show starring Jada Pinkett Smith, her daughter Willow Smith and her mother Adrienne Banfield-Norris on Facebook watch.

On each episode, different celebrities join the conversation about social issues and topics that has affected the family in some way. These topics are wide-ranging and include surviving loss, facing addiction, the truth about sex and Pinkett Smith’s unique union with her husband, Will Smith.

“The community that has been built around the Red Table is so strong and keeps my mother, Willow and I inspired to keep going. We are so grateful to be given the opportunity to do so by continuing the Red Table Talk journey with Facebook Watch,” Pinkett Smith said.

“My mom and I both love the show. Jada doesn’t shy away from topics most people wouldn’t want to get into.”

–Taylor Dotson

Season one premiered May 7, 2018 kicking off ten episodes with 27 million views. Due to the show’s success, Facebook ordered an additional thirteen episodes that came out on October 22.

The show’s audience and viewers are calling the show relatable and inspiring. Watching Pinkett Smith’s family talk through and tackle issues together, have inspired many families to start tough conversations in there own households.

“My mom and I both love the show. Jada doesn’t shy away from topics most people wouldn’t want to get into. She’s a great example of growth and transparency,” HU student Taylor Dotson said.

Many of Jada’s high-profile celebrity friends have made an appearance on the show to discuss pressing issues. Actress Gabrielle Union joined the cast to discuss a pointless feud between the two women and the underlying, but real reasons women have conflict with one another. On another episode, Cesar Millan, world-renowned “dog whisperer,” shares his story about crossing the border as an illegal immigrant to his stardom on international television.

“The show is so entertaining, and I think it does a lot for women and the family dynamic especially in the African American community. The voice and platform Jada use speak volumes to everyone watching the show,” HU student Destiny McFadden said.

In Hollywood, celebrity gossip has always been present, but Jada addressing the rumors that have surrounded her family for years allows audiences to see a more candid side of her family.

On the episode with her husband Will Smith, the couple explains their unique union from the day they first met through the 20 years of their marriage. Many viewers were shocked and intrigued by the couple’s ability to be so open about the darkest times in their relationship. The episode alone generated over 14 million views.

“The episode where Will and Jada talk about their relationship was my favorite simply because they have never addressed the rumors in the past and they really gave their fans an inside look into the ups and downs of their marriage over the past couple of years,” said HU student Lauren Kingsbury.

The Red Table Talk series answers all the questions we wish everyone was more transparent about. It fulfills their want of having these conversations.


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