Choosing you and prioritizing self care in college

Gabrielle Tazewell | Staff Writer

As college students, we all have those moments where stress has taken over a majority of our mental and physical health.

Being able to devotedly take care of ourselves sounds like an easy task but in reality can be difficult. Prioritizing our work and daily duties is also a struggle within itself. It’s important that we practice healthy life habits when it comes to self care and prioritizing.

Different people use various activities as self care.

“I take care of myself physically by dancing,” said Kendall Geter, a second-year psychology/criminology major from Elliott City, Md. “It’s a form of exercise and involves cardio, abs, strength, balance.”

Also value your sleep, because if you don’t get enough sleep, your energy levels plummet.

“Whenever I’m in a space where my own thoughts and coping methods won’t calm me down, I always reach out to my parents and grandparents,” Geter said. “They always ease my mind and give me advice. Lastly, I pray. I ask God for the strength to get me through the week, or even if it’s just been a really hard day. I repeat Philippians 4:13: ‘I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.’”

Most college students believe that prioritizing is only something to think about when accomplishing work, however it goes far beyond that.

Learning how to successfully prioritize your life can range from the time that you plan on eating breakfast to the time you rest your head at night. To avoid being overwhelmed due to busy days, create a daily schedule so that you can write down all of your tasks.

“I create a physical list of everything that I have to do, then I move the things that require immediate attention to the top of the list,” said Jeremiah Carter, a second-year sports management major from Waldorf Md. “After that, I choose the things that have the most value to me. Finally, I order the final tasks by which will require the most effort.”

The Law of Attraction is an ideology that simply enacts on your thoughts and energy. Many fail to realize that a majority of what we think attracts more of the same. To put it simply, negative attracts negative, and positive attracts positive. It is imperative that we get in tune with our inner physical and spiritual connections.

Practicing good and positive energy can only bring joy and happiness. Not only will taking care of your mental health improve your way of thinking, but it will also improve the way you feel, which will attract positive vibrations and more like-minded people toward your life.


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