Did he forget to send the good morning text… again? : Signs he is losing interest


Dominique Burns | Staff Writer

Ever wonder why your good morning texts stopped coming as frequently, or why he’s been reluctant about planning for potential dates? Well, he might not be that into you anymore.

It can be hard to accept that a guy is just not feeling you anymore, especially after all of the cute text messages, days well spent hanging out and the effort he put in.You may be left with many questions and wish to have them answered before you can truly accept that the spark is completely gone. We have found a few ways for you to determine if it’s really over before any further hurt or damage can come to you.

Terrence Harmon, a junior architecture major from Orlando, FL shared an obvious signs that a guy is not into it anymore. “Lack of communication is a major sign. If he stops doing the sweet things he did to get you in the first place, he’s definitely not into it anymore”

In an article, “ Why Men Lose Interest and What To Do About It” on Manecoder.com by Adrienne Mansfield, the topic of men chasing women came up. “Guys are programmed to love the chase.  But once she shows interest and he actually gets her, he doesn’t have anything to prove anymore.”

Men often feel that a weight is lifted off of their shoulders once they have gotten the girl they were chasing for so long, that the work is done. Thinking on this level creates confusion for the relationship and can lead women to think things are going downhill when in reality nothing is wrong.

Tiffany Manley, a sophomore biology major from Queens, NY agreed that men distancing themselves does nothing but confuse the relationship status.

“To maintain a relationship, it requires work from both parties. Therefore, if he gives up after he feels ‘he’s got the girl’, then it makes the female feel that she has lost his attention and that she isn’t worth the chase any longer”

But here’s where things get confusing. If lack of pursuit from a male is such a major sign that things aren’t going well, then why is it so hard for females to notice this and move on?

Women sometimes make excuses for what they don’t want to believe is true. But an unanswered text or lack of emotion and effort isn’t something to simply brush off. If a man is showing you he isn’t interested, then you should go with your first instinct and accept that things might just be over.

Shekera Clark, a junior criminal justice major from Queens, NY expressed that signs guys give off can be misleading but sometimes the female is at fault.

“It’s confusing for girls to tell these sometimes “obvious” signs because they tend to hang on to every word a guy says. Guys will make it so the relationship seems more serious than it actually is and girls put up with too much before they finally decide to call it quits”

According to allwomenstalk.com, there are many times when signals are clear but women tend to read more into them.

Holding on to past feelings and memories can make it hard for a female to break it down to herself that things just aren’t the same and never will be. Think about what could be or what was is a major issue when trying to come to the realization that a relationship is over.

Alexis Jackson, a junior architecture major from Atlantic City, NJ is a young woman who says the signs are pretty obvious to spot.

“It’s pretty easy to predict when a guy isn’t into the relationship anymore. When he becomes distant, starts giving you one word answers during conversations and is always ready to argue there is clearly a problem with the relationship.”

Ladies, we all admire effort and consistency from the man we are in a relationship with. So don’t brush off the signs he’s giving you that it’s just not working anymore. Save yourself the trouble and tears.