Unique Valentine’s Day date ideas for him and her: College edition

Myeshia Barrett | Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day in college can be a handful for some. Students already spend hundreds of dollars on books, so, no, a V-Day gift is not the first thing on any college student’s mind. But as the season approaches, it’s essential to keep those we love happy by showing we care. How so? Gifts. 

No matter how you put it, we all cherish a good Valentine’s Day gift. However, not everyone can afford to buy their significant other a pair of the latest Yeezys. Here are a few unique ideas in the budget range for college couples:

Hair and Nail/Haircut Appointment 

Believe it or not, any college student would appreciate someone funding their next haircut, nail or hair appointment. The pamper session gives them a chance to unwind and focus on something other than their schoolwork. Not to mention, the smile on your partner’s face after the transformation is priceless. Getting your partner all dolled up for a night out is super affordable. For the guys, don’t be shy of a pedicure; it’s awesome.

Escape Room  

Lately, escape room dates have gained popularity. Escape rooms involve a lot of problem-solving, and teamwork makes the dream work. You can even include other couples to save money. Imagine working with your bae to figure out how to escape an island-themed room.  


Tattoos are on many people’s wish lists. Why not make your partner’s dreams come true and pay for his or her new tat? A trip to the tattoo parlor can be a unique gift and fun date. 

Boat Ride 

Boat ride dates are very romantic and intimate, as well as relatively inexpensive—especially in the Hampton Roads area where the water surrounds almost everything. For example, companies such as Rudee Tours in Virginia Beach offer boat rides. Any kind of date on or by the water is guaranteed to be dreamy. You can even turn it into a picnic by packing mini-sandwiches or even bringing take-out. It seems simple but putting effort into an entire production is worthwhile. Your partner will definitely remember it.

This Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t matter if you’re spending $50 or $500 on your partner; it’s all about love. Whatever you do, make sure your heart is in it. Don’t shower your significant other with gifts just for Facebook or Instagram likes. Make sure you keep it super special and unique for your partner. Keep in mind that love is what this holiday is all about.


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