Is social media the new breadwinner?

Naomi Ludlow | Arts and Entertainment Editor

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On Instagram, your favorite influencer is getting more than likes. From fashion bloggers to naturalists, everyone is securing the bag.

The commonality between these accounts is the partnerships they gain to promote products or the company itself. Partnership deals recently include Fashion Nova items, Flat Tummy Tea, Shea Moisture’s most recent product line and many more. Influencers have struck gold, and everyone is trying to join the movement by simply making posts. The average user on social media probably doesn’t know all of the things that go into being a social media influencer. So here are some of the details.

Everything influencers post is strategically planned to attract their audience. From the colors they use to the setting of the picture, influencers work with a company to bring to life the vision of the company. YouTuber and Instagrammer Brelynn Hunt (@BeautyandBrains5) gave behind-the-scenes footage to creating a paid brand deal. The company she was working with had an ideal setting they wanted her to be in for her picture. They wanted certain information to be said about the product, and they threw in a discount code for her followers. Essentially, they collaborated with her because the company knew that her audience would be interested in the products they are selling. They want to reel in her followers into trying out their products because she uses them.

There are brand deals on YouTube that include promotion through word of mouth. Influencers will mention the product its benefits and where to find the product. The views accumulate and turn into profit because someone will be interested in the product. If the influencer’s unique code is used, a percentage of the profit goes to them. Brand deals are only a part of the income that they can generate. There’s so much more to it.

This booming industry allows influencers to monetize their content once they surpass 10,000 followers. YouTubers first have to turn on their account for monetization. There is a button on your channel that will read “enable” if you are able to monetize your content. Then, YouTubers connect with AdSense. AdSense is a google advertising placement service where money is accumulated through clicks and impressions, according to a CNBC article about YouTubers.

Social media is taking over in so many ways. Scrolling down your timeline, you won’t be able to avoid the business of social media influencers. Somehow, they are attracting their viewers to a specific company or product. This money-making industry has been going on for years but is gaining attention recently. New influencers are entering the industry in hopes of making millions.

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