Habits to leave in high school

Zari Paige | Staff Writer

1222354710_c724244412_z.jpgFlickr User Alpha

Transitioning from high school to college can be difficult. As a college freshman, it can especially be difficult adjusting to this new environment. This can lead to the following poor habits.

Friends: In college, be careful when selecting potential friends. Associate with people who share a similar vision and who won’t disrupt your peace. Although that’s easier said than done, Hampton University is filled with ambitious young people. These are people with whom you should surround yourself. This transition can be difficult, but staying true to yourself always wins in the end.

Fitness: Most of us know what the freshman 15 is — those extra pounds a student gains during freshman year because of poor diet and exercise habits. It can be hard to incorporate exercise into an already busy schedule, but you can’t rely on high metabolism to maintain your health.

Food: Back at home, your meals may have consisted of vegetables, brown rice and some sort of protein. In college, students eat whatever is most convenient. College students tend to snack on small foods like Cup O’ Noodles, soda and snack packs. These eating habits aren’t healthy physically or mentally. Avoid eating when stressed, try not to skip meals and steer clear of junk food and vending machines. To better care for your body, eat meals with more fruits and vegetables instead of high-fat and sodium-rich foods. This change does not have to happen overnight. Start slowly!

Before you know it, you’ll be eating balanced meals on a daily basis.


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