A legendary addition to the EGOT family

Naomi Ludlow | Arts And Entertainment Editor


Flickr User Pete Foley

R&B singer and songwriter John Legend became the first black male and the youngest person to complete the EGOT – receiving Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony awards.

According to CNN, he is one of just 15 EGOT winners after receiving his first Emmy award at the Creative Arts Emmys on Sept. 8 for producing the best variety special Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert. Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice also were presented the award, making them EGOT winners as well.

Over the course of his career, Legend has won 10 Grammys, an Oscar for his song “Glory” that was featured in the movie Selma and a Tony as the co-producer for the Broadway play Jitney. There are icons in the industry who are EGOT winners through honorary awards, but Legend is the first black male to receive this title in competitive categories.

Some wonder why it took so long.

“We are in year 2018, and there is still a barrier for black people,” said Hampton University junior Veronica Wells, a psychology major from Richmond. “There are many other things in this world a black person hasn’t accomplished that a white person has.”

She discussed how it is hard to be genuinely happy for his accomplishment because of the time it took to get to this point.

“I just think it’s about time that he received recognition for his talent,” said HU junior Paris Edwards, a kinesiology major from Chicago. “He along with other black artists tend to not receive the awards that they well deserve.

“I believe that he has made a huge step for not only black male artists, but all artists of color.”

Up next, possibly? Movie star Viola Davis is only a Grammy away from becoming an EGOT winner.

Despite how long it took to get to this point, there is still excitement over Legend’s win.

“It’s amazing to see how far he has come in his career,” said Angelique Brown, a senior political science major from Long Island, N.Y.

She was ecstatic to see him encounter this monumental moment.

On top of this accomplishment, Legend has been added to NBC’s The Voice as a coach.

“I’ve been a guest and mentor on the show multiple times, and I’m so excited to discover talented singers and help them make the most of their gift,” he said on Instagram. The new season is expected to premiere in Spring 2019.


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