FBI raid on Trump’s attorney shakes up White House

Kyra Robinson | Staff Writer

Flickr user: Michael Vadon 

After the FBI raided the home, hotel and office of President Donald Trump’s personal attorney April 9, the commander in chief took to Twitter to express his grievances.

On the president’s personal Twitter account, Trump referred to the situation as “a total witch hunt” and implied he felt it violated an attorney-client privileges.

The president also publicly called it “an attack on our country.” The raid on Michael Cohen’s office is unprecedented with how high the suspicion level is from the Department of Justice.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein signed off on the Cohen search warrant, according to The New York Times.

That allowed the FBI to seize documents that dealt with payments by Cohen to pornography actress Stormy Daniels and playboy model Karen McDougal.

According to CNN, bank records also were seized, and records on the infamous Access Hollywood tapes were sought.

They also found tapes Cohen had recorded and kept between Trump and his associates, which has alarmed officials on Capitol Hill, according to CNBC.

Hampton University political science major Aman Tune thought Trump’s reaction was unprofessional.

“I feel that he has not handled this situation with grace and has failed to take accountability for his actions,” the sophomore said.

“He should be more cooperative, and it might reflect better on him.”

As a student who plans to work on Capitol Hill in the future, Tune finds the president’s scandals to be alarming and wishes for a change in the current administration.

“Washington needs to get back to its core values and needs to start passing legislation that will actually benefit all the American people,” she expressed with passion.

“I think a man like Trump has harmed us because he simply does not understand how to properly operate as the president of the United States.”

According to CNN, Trump brought up the possible firing of Russian investigator Robert Mueller again after suggesting it in prior months.

However, many political and legal officials would consider it to be an impeachable offense.

“Trump constantly discussing his urge to fire people who are meant to keep him in check, including Robert Mueller and [former FBI director] James Comey, is alarming,” said Korin Jones, a sophomore political science major on the pre-law track.

“I think he would be obstructing justice if he did that.”

According to The New York Times, Trump also has considered firing Rosenstein, which ultimately could affect Mueller’s Russian investigation.

“It’s time Washington get to the bottom of the Russian collusion scandal and the Stormy Daniels scandal,” Tune said.

“The Trump administration has lied too many times, and I think now, more than ever, we deserve the truth.”


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