Are friends with benefits beneficial?


Alexandria Carmon | Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day weekend is just passed and couples have finished their full day of romance. On that day, people all around the world gathered with their significant other to celebrate each other’s love. All is well, until you realize that you were the one who was alone.

Although this special day is meant for the purpose of showing your partner how much you love and appreciate them, it also known as Singles Awareness Day. It reminds others of their failed love life; especially those in a friends-with-benefits relationship.

These types of relationships are supposed to be the best of both worlds. Not only are you getting cozy and intimate with the opposite sex, but you are also able to keep your personal feelings out of the affair. They will appreciate your “goodies” in the bedroom, but will not even buy you a box of chocolates onValentine’s Day.

When interviewing several college students, many said they would not expect to receive a gift from their friend-with-benefits anyway. “[I wouldn’t] because we are just friends with benefits,” says John Fitzgerald Walton II, a senior psychology major from Macon, Georgia. However if the girl bought him a gift, he would make up for it. “I would take them out to eat or to the movies since I didn’t get them a gift.”

Although many feel that buying a gift is not part of the agreement in a friends-with-benefits relationship, there are some people who would greatly appreciate receiving a gift despite the non-committed relationship. “I would think that even though you are friends with a sexual partner and it’s not intimate there should still be some type of consideration and thought to a kind gesture,” says sophomore, Aubrey Archer a psychology major from Harlem, New York. “I would get them a box of chocolate. However, I probably would not expect them to spend too much money on me or take me anywhere since the relationship is not serious.”

Relationships require a great deal of commitment and the expectations are way higher on Valentine’s Day. The bonus is that you can count on flowers and chocolate on Valentine’s Day and you will have actually plans for the day. However, despite having exclusivity there can still be complications that arise in a relationship. In fact, several issues such as misunderstandings and unfaithfulness can lead a couple down a very dark path. “Trust issues [can happen] and cheating,” said Briana Perry, a sophomore, marketing major from Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.

Plus, you may not even be able to spend Valentine’s Day with your friends, because you are obligated to spend it with your significant other. Lets not forget the extended amount of pressure each person faces on the special occasion such as where the best place for a date will be, the cost and whether or not flowers and a box of chocolate are going to be enough. However, in a friends-with-benefits relationship there is no obligation to the other person so this would not be an issue.


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