Hampton University stands with MIZZOU

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Diamond Ohemeng | Contributing Writer & Jerica Deck | Campus Editor

On November 11, Hampton University students joined together in front of the endeared Robert C. Ogden hall to discuss and show their support for the University of Missouri, or as some may call it “Mizzou.”

Students stood together on the steps of Ogden dressed in black and their fists in the air chanting “Black lives matter” in solidarity.

Hampton University students also wanted to create awareness about the injustices that have occurred in Missouri.

After many contributed to the social media uproar, students created their own hashtag to express the kinship they feel towards the Black students at the University of Missouri.

Students have been posting inspirational pictures and tweeting out the campaign (hashtag) HamptonUstandswithMizzou.

During this event, the Student Government Association (SGA) President Justin Shaifer gave an empowering speech about how it is important that the Black Lives Matter movement does not just stop with social media.

“The way we solve the problem is by leveraging ourselves and getting in those positions of power so that we can effectively advocate for our people that are experiencing the problems they are experiencing,” said Shaifer.

He explained how activism should not simply be about getting the maximum amount of retweets. Making a difference goes beyond social media; it’s about taking action.

Students from both universities and across the world are encouraged to become leaders in the community in order to make change.

The event featured a riveting spoken word performance from poet James Weaver IV. People also spoke about how Hampton, an HBCU, is able to feel empathetic towards the University of Missouri, a predominantly white institution. Rather than creating even more tension, students encouraged joining forces as one united Black community.

Mizzou’s campus is currently filled with racial tension. According to the LA Times, in 2010 two white students scattered cotton balls on the lawn of the campus, and Black students at Missouri saw this as a racist act.

As reported by the same source, Cynthia Frisby, a journalism professor at the university, wrote in the Missourian newspaper that in her 18 years at the university, she has been called the “N-word” too many times to count.

Tensions reached an all time high Tuesday night after a threatening Yik Yak post read “I’m going to shoot any black people tomorrow, so be ready.”

This racially motivated comment caused the black community on campus to fear for their safety.

African American students expressed being scared to go to class and some also evacuated the campus.

After receiving various racial slurs and threats, a group of African American students decided to come together and form an activist group by the name of the “Concerned Students 1950” naming themselves after the year the first Black student was admitted into the university.

Concerned students 1950 have been joining with the African American students on the campus to conduct a variety of different peaceful rallies, protests, and walkouts to demonstrate that they have had enough.

Hampton students came together as a community to spread awareness to an important issue.

Through this demonstration and social media, they showed their support for the students at Missouri.

Together, through peaceful protests hopefully both schools will be able to make a difference.

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