Battle of the States: Three Regions left

Taylor White | Staff Writer

After a long spring break,  Quintessence X anticipated the events that made up their freshmen week. The goal of the week is to bring the freshmen closer together through bonding and class activities.

The biggest event of the week is Battle of the States, also known as BOTS. Normally, the competition is between five regions including the North, South, West, DMV and the Midwest, battle to see which region is the most talented on campus.

Unfortunately, this year two regions will not be participating. Both the North and the DMV have been disqualified due to various physical altercations. The remaining regions have been training for six weeks to create an eight minute fashion show, eight minute dance routine and a six minute talent showcase.

The BOTS participants relentlessly practiced Monday through Thursday from about 7-10:30.

Amber Mason, a sophomore, psychology major from Western Virginia, said “the practice times for BOTS were pretty extreme but people knew what they were signing up for.”

Some people even let the time spent on BOTS take away from the time they are spending on their studies. This can cause their grades to drop and sometimes they are in danger of losing their scholarships.

Still, BOTS allows people to bond and create relationships. Some people that are very essential to the success of the show are the people called “Bigs.”

People of all classes and regions are excited for the day of the show. The event takes place this Thursday, March 7 in Ogden. The event is at cost $5 per person and is open to all.

Everyone is ready to see an extravagant talent show filled with dancing, singing and more. Little do they know, the night before the participants get little to no sleep because they are practicing all night to perfect the show.

After endless hours of practice, choreography, and sleepless nights, on Thurday it will finally come together. The study body, all rooting for their own regions are wondering, who will take the crown. With two regions out of the way maybe it’s time for a new region to rise to the occassion. This could be the perfect time for the West and the Midwest to win the race. However, after losing to the North last year, it could also be time for the South to reclaim their throne. Either way, the show is bound to be entertaining.

Regardless of who wins this year, the participants in BOTS will have a fun and enriching experience.


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