Voices of Hampton University 

Jeremiah C. Lewis  | Staff Writer

Hampton University is home to students of various gifts and creators. Outside of the classroom, students lead independent lives of participating in the arts, playing sports as an extension of themselves, and making their time on campus more fun. One such extension of students’ creativity comes in the form of singing. 

Students on campus have the opportunity to passionately express their love of singing by joining the three Hampton University Choirs sections: “His Chosen Sound” (gospel choir), Concert choir (graduations and commencements) and University choir. 

Hampton’s choir students Faith Gibbs, Janiah Carroll and Renae Smith answered questions about how the HU choirs helped them as singers. 

How long have you been singing? 

Faith: All of my life. 

Janiah: Since third grade, so about ten years

Renae: For about 17 years

The best parts about being a part of the Hampton choir? 

Faith: Being able to sing.

Janiah: The community, everyone is a tightly knitted group. It’s nice to have an environment where you can feel comfortable and sing as a group. 

Renae: The experience, like any other organization, you get to meet new people along with creating memories because each rehearsal is different. I like how we blend voices and become one sound. 

Are you excited for the HU Choirs’ 150th anniversary? 

Faith: Yes. 

Janiah: Get to meet alumni. Nice to have a weekend dedicated to us 

Renae: Yes, I am because I’m ready to meet alumni and create new memories. 

What is something you’d tell someone who was interested in joining the choir?

Faith: It’s fun. You get to meet new people who have the same interests. If you have a passion for music and enjoy singing, it’s a good place to showcase that. 

Janiah: It’s a commitment. It has payoffs like networking, and it’s rewarding to share your gift with people, travel, and meet new people. 

Renae: They should do it. Don’t be scared. I was scared at first, but it wasn’t that bad. It was a fun experience. 

How would someone go about joining the Choir? 

Janiah: Email the director, Omar Dickinson, Omar.Dickenson@hamptonu.edu, and then he’ll set you up with a rehearsal.

For all singers of Hampton University, it is highly recommended that you join the Hampton Choirs. The Choirs are performing for their 150th Anniversary on March 27th, 2022, at 4 pm. It is a safe place for all singers on campus to express themselves and share their voices with the rest of Campus. Doors open at 3:15 pm and are free for all students who show their HUID.


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