Women’s History Month: Hampton Female Alumni Feature

Nia White | Staff Writer

As Hampton University has flourished for 153 years, it has helped to produce an extensive group of alumni. With graduates in a wide variety of fields and positions, Hampton University has made its impact on the surrounding community, country and world.

  The education at Hampton has allowed many alumni to advance in their field, because of the access to higher education. While many alumni have made progress in their specific field, now is a time to celebrate female alumni.  

The national observance of Women’s History Month is celebrated every year during the month of March. This month is reserved for highlighting the achievements of women making strides in their respective fields both in the present and past.  

A Hampton alumni who is flourishing in her career is Felicia Blow. She graduated in 1988 and is currently serving as Chair-Elect for the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). The position of Chair-Elect is one of the highest in the company and it incompeses many different roles.   

“PRSA is the world’s largest organization of communications, public relations, and strategic marketing practitioners,” Blow said. “I lead efforts with Strategic Planning and our National Leader Rally. I also work closely with other members of the executive team in carrying out the mission and vision for the organization. 2022 will mark the 75th anniversary of PRSA and in that regard, I am serving as Co-Chair of the Task Force to lead the anniversary efforts,” Blow said.

During her time at Hampton, Blow majored in Mass Media Arts, which led her to her current position. “Hampton instilled in me a pride of authorship, a determination of spirit, and the insight to never give up when pursuing your passion,” Blow said.

Another flourishing Hampton alumni is Dr. Helen Stiff-Williams, Class of 1973, former Division Chief and Superintendent of Instruction in the Virginia Department of Education. 

Her position required “experience in educational leadership,” Stiff-Williams said. As well as experience she received at Hampton, including “leadership experiences for recognition and expectations for high achievement.” 

Throughout her time as division chief and superintendent, she “provided leadership in the conceptualization of the “Virginia common core standards” that were the precursors to the current Virginia Standards of Learning,” Stiff-Williams said. 

  For current Hampton students, Blow also shares advice regarding how to be successful.

“Work hard, never shy away from something because it’s difficult. I was once told “What is easy is seldom excellent.” So don’t take the easy way out. Continue to learn…advance your knowledge…don’t stop learning, take classes, and improve your skills.” 


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