HU students flock to Fall Career Fair

Kayla Smith | Staff Writer


Photo Credit: Kayla Smith

Dozens of motivated Hampton students gathered Sept. 26 in the Convocation Center for the University Career Fair with the hope of creating connections that could secure their futures.

With more than 100 tables of representatives from major corporations such as Bank of America to school districts from Georgia, students mingled with eager employers. Hampton has always been a huge advocate for preparing its students for success, and this career fair was an excellent opportunity for both the students and recruiters.

The University Career Fair is a way for students to be able to network with representatives from companies and create relationships. With increasingly competitive markets around the country, this type of exposure is crucial to build up one’s experience in professional settings. By enforcing a strict business professional attire, this provides students with real-life readiness for when they enter the industry.

Students were quick to pull out their qualified resumes, surprising representatives with how prepared they were. This is what constantly draws companies back to this career fair every year.

The need for diversity in the workplace is also a huge factor that Hampton students can take advantage of. Edwin Yoon, the head of technical recruiting at CVENT, explained that the company decided to participate in the career fair because “students with a diverse background is their No. 1 priority.” Comments such as this were common throughout the day.

The career fair was not the only event held during the month in terms of career readiness. Information sessions, recruiting events and interviews took place starting at the beginning of September.

“This allowed for different opportunities in enlightenment for my career,” said student DeAndra Robinson, a first-year political science, pre-law major from Texas. With this career fair being open to all classes, it gives underclassmen an early look into what they will have to start preparing for over the next couple of years. First-year students benefit from attending events such as this one because it gives them an idea about what opportunities are out there.

The significance of events such as this career fair can have a long-lasting effect on students. Continuous practice and constantly being placed in face-to-face scenarios with employers produce incomparable opportunities for Hampton students. When asked if the experience at the Career Fair was useful, Taylor Root, a second-year undecided major from Michigan, said, “It will definitely prepare me and others who went, for their future.”

Other students felt the same way about their experience at the career fair. The students agreed Hampton University is dedicated to generating prepared students for their futures. The importance of the future instilled in students made this event one full of opportunities, and the turnout of students shows how offerings such as this one are useful to the Hampton students.


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