It’s Apple season in English and Foreign Languages Department

Jaylen Harris & Brandi Howliet | Staff Writers

It’s holiday season, and Christmas came a little early this year as Hampton University’s campus will soon be getting a renovation.

Well, at least somewhat.

Dr. Cannady, the English and Foreign Languages Department’s (EFL) new chairman, has arranged for the department to receive 25 second-hand Apple computers, which would be distributed to professors, faculty and students.

This new addition will further strengthen the department in becoming more updated, as well as strengthening students’ ability in adapting to different software, as Apple and Microsoft are completely different program systems.

Although these computers are second hand, and are only being distributed in the EFL department at the moment, students and faculty are excited to see that changes are happening right before their eyes.

“I think that the computers are going to be a really important addition to our department and for our students,” English Professor Lauren DeLaCruz. “We had a tough year last year as a department, and we are so very lucky to have Dr. Cannady this year who is working tirelessly to improve things for faculty and students.

Dr. Cannady, the English and Foreign Languages Department’s (EFL) new chairman, has arranged for the department to receive 25 second-hand Apple computers.

“Yes, these may be new-to-us computers rather than brand new, but Dr. Cannady secured these for us in her first weeks here–so I can only imagine what she’ll be able to do for us given more time.”

Everyone is required to take two semesters of English therefore this change will impact many in both classes and the Writing Center.

In comparison, the Scripps Howard journalism and communications building, which has many Apple lounges and multiple printers.

If the EFL department follows suit, Armstrong will become more of a destination for studying solo or working on projects with friends.

The gently used computers were donated by Wilkes University located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Cannady works with its residency program and was able to get the refurbished computers donated to Hampton.

When asked about the new technology, she said, “We’re excited to serve students better. The new desktop [Mac] computers can work better with students, and they’re more compatible with their software.”

The computers being passed down by Wilkes University is a financial benefit to HU, but it may not be good in the long run.

Technology is a rapidly changing field, so the wild card is how much time is left in a gently used computer before it becomes obsolete.

According to, the average lifespan of a computer is three to five years, so second-hand computers are at risk for issues in the near future depending on how old they are now.

Not only is adding new technology to the English and Foreign Language Department beneficial to the students in Armstrong, but to all students who occupy the building.

As of right now, there are very few computers available within the facility which causes a hassle for students who may need to hop online to do any last minute changes to their assignments. As one of the more mature buildings on campus, Armstrong doesn’t provide as many resources to students as would be found in Scripps Howard. So the modernizations that are being made make a substantial leap toward an overall better environment for students.

Many improvements are being made to help the modernization of the EFL department. Not only are the improvements beneficial to its faculty and staff but the students are being affected as well. Second hand or not, the EFL department is excited to have new equipment to help its students and staff.


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