Is astrology scientific and useful in relationships?

Tianna Bradford | Staff Writer

Flickr user: Glyn Thomas

For as long as we can remember, people have viewed the stars as a form of navigation.

The sky and stars are the basis for astrology, which is the correlation between the study of celestial planets and human occurrences on earth.

The movement of the sun and planets cycles every year and runs on a cycle of 12 zodiacs.

The belief behind astrology is that behavior, environment and personality are impacted by the alignment of the planets and star constellations, expressed by the cyclical zodiac patterns.

The signs of the zodiacs occur in this order over a year time span: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

Each zodiac has its own compatibility, personality traits, ambitions and goals based off of the astronomical alignment. So what do zodiac signs really mean to us?

When we are born, it is during a specific time, on a specific date, in a specific time zone/area.

On this day or night, due to the natural cycling of the planets, the placement of the stars determines the blueprint of our being, in terms of traits, personality and the sense of a predestined layout for how our life may appear on a day-to-day system.

There is more depth beyond the scope of astrology based off the zodiacs.

There are rising sun and moon signs that tell a deeper story of a person based off the time they were born. This makes each person more different.

Most people believe that these aspects make them the people they are today and how whether or not their relationships with their significant other matches and will last.

Most people feel as though astrology is just a conversational topic and doesn’t actually mean anything. Others base their whole lives on their zodiac and their daily horoscopes.

I asked Kierra Nelson, a sophomore architecture major from Arlington, Virginia, her view of astrology and does she let it impact her relationship with others.

“I strongly believe in astrology,” Nelson said. “I took the time to study it for my own personal gain that I believe your sign affects who you are as a person and your own vibe towards others.”

“I definitely am one of those people who take this into my own relationships with my significant others. I feel as though compatibility is important. I don’t not date someone because they’re an Aries or a Libra.

“However, I do take that into consideration as I am trying to get to know them better. I doesn’t change my view of them. It just makes me more curious and interested on learning more about them.”

I asked another student, Pride Harper, a sophomore pre-pharmacy major from Newport News, Virginia, her views on astrology and compatibility between relationships.

“I love astrology, however I don’t let my love for it determine how I go about things throughout my life,” Harper said.

“I thinks it’s exciting and unique, and I enjoy learning about my sign and others.

“I don’t take it as seriously as others I’ve met. Some love it and some hate it because they feel it’s a general analyzation of people based off their birthday, which is understandable, but to each its own.”

So do you take astrology seriously? Does it impact your life when it comes to dating?

Or is it just a myth people use to make dating a little more difficult and even a little more interesting and intense?


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