China book deal leads to student scholarships

Amber Smith | Staff Writer

President William R. Harvey | Stephanie Smith

President Dr. William R. Harvey launched his book, The Principles of Leadership, in China via video correspondence Thursday night. The book was highly anticipated by the people of China who expressed their excitement for the release. Every penny of the proceeds from the book will contribute to scholarships for students at Hampton University.

“My book is designed to assist current and aspiring leaders in their particular domain,” said Dr. Harvey.

Dr. Harvey expressed his gratitude and excitement for the book expansion to billions of viewers in China in the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications’ television studio. A key component that Dr. Harvey wants readers in China to gain from the book is the importance of trust.

“Trust is the foundation for any personal or professional relationship. Whether it is in the United States, on Hampton University’s campus or in China, trust is key for any leader,” said Dr. Harvey.

President Dr. Harvey and his wife have donated over $3 million in scholarships to students and institutions on Hampton University’s campus over the years, and donating 100 percent of the proceeds from his book deal in China are sure to boost these contributions.

“We are going to continue to support our students here in all kinds of ways, just as we have always done,” said Dr. Harvey.

Although President Dr. Harvey was unable to be physically present for the launch, the enthusiasm from the people of China was immense.

“I am pleased to connect with people of China, a country that I loved when I visited, and to have people learn from the principles of my leadership model is a pleasure,” said Dr. Harvey.

The promoters for The Principles of Leadership suspect that the book will do amazing in China due to the great interest. This will ultimately benefit students here at Hampton University and contribute to their education.

“Leadership is not easy; it does not mean that you put your finger in the wind and follow that direction. You have to do what you think is right and best, and let the chips fall where they may,” said Dr. Harvey.

Dr. Harvey’s book was released in the U.S. in 2016. The book is focused on 10 principles that distinguish effective leaders in life and business. The principles are vision, work ethic, academic excellence, team building, innovation, courage, management, fairness, fiscal conservatism and results.

This is a great opportunity, as it is Hampton University’s 150th and Dr. Harvey’s 40th anniversary celebration. Principles of Leadership can be purchased in Hampton University’s newly renovated bookstore, or online at for $24.99.


Harveys’ six-figure donation creates new scholarships for students

Leenika Belfield-Martin | Lifestyle Editor

Hampton University President Dr. William R. Harvey and his wife, Norma B. Harvey, made a six-figure donation to the university, going to two scholarship funds: the Norma B. Harvey student stipend fund and the Laron Clark Jr. scholarship fund for first generation students.

“My parents were my first role models,” Dr. Harvey said in a news release. “Establishing the Norma B. Harvey Student Stipend Fund and endowing the Laron Clark, Jr. Scholarship Fund for First Generation College Students is my way of honoring all of the life lessons they shared.”

The Harveys donated $106,685 to endow the two new funds. The couple’s donations to Hampton now total $3.6 million.

“These stipends and the scholarship will assist in making it possible for the next generation of leaders to emerge and make their world better than they found it,” he said.

The first fund, the Norma B. Harvey student stipend fund, will pay an annual stipend to 12 students who intern at service-related, nonprofit organizations.

Bessie Willis, the director of Hampton’s career center, said that she and her department “thank Dr. William R. Harvey for this generous support in providing financial support to students participating in service related nonprofit internships.”

Willis also said that the fund will assist students who intern because they often work for no pay.

“Dr. Harvey’s contribution will give these students some financial assistance while they are on these internships,” Willis said.

Kenya Cummins, a sophomore strategic communications major, said the student stipend fund will help students who excel in areas beyond academics.

“Hampton is a school that prides itself on being the standard of excellence,” Cummins said. “This means not only being academically excellent, but also having excellent character. It’s good to see a scholarship that awards students who exhibit this character through service.”

Cummins also said that “this fund will encourage people to participate in community service and be more involved with nonprofit organizations.”

The second fund is named after Laron Clark Jr., the longtime HU vice president of development who served the university for almost 40 years before dying late last year.

“It is a happy moment, indeed, to remember the man who gave so much of his energy to ensure the success of our ‘Home by the Sea,’” President Harvey said in the release.

Jessica Cook, a sophomore history major, said the Laron Clark Jr. scholarship will help create a cycle of college-bound students.

“I think it’s amazing that Dr. Harvey is doing that,” Cook said. “By helping this generation of college students, the next generation will be helped, too.”

Ashley Hall, a sophomore from Elizabeth City, N.C., said these scholarships were crucial additions.

“These scholarships are needed because first-generation students are at a disadvantage compared to their peers by not having a more disposable income that can go toward education,” Hall said.