2018 student elections: The new faces of change

Steven Hall | Staff Writer

From left, Jonathan Mack, Jordan McKinney and Kenneth Rioland III | Steven Hall

As the year approaches its end, SGA and class office elections went underway for the 2018-19 academic school year.

The positions up for grabs were the Student Government Association (SGA) president and vice president, student representative to the Board of Trustees and representative to the Organizational Board.

Along with those head titles are the respective leader positions for the rising senior class (Quintessence), junior class (Onyx) and sophomore class (Ogre Phi Ogre).

This year, there were several electoral places that only had one candidate, as they were running unopposed.

Taylor McIntyre, a junior communicative sciences and disorders major from Brooklyn, N.Y., was one of those unopposed candidates, but even so, McIntyre showed an immense amount of enthusiasm and eagerness along with the others who didn’t run against anyone.

“QTX is full of vibrant, hardworking students, whose goal is to obtain their degree but also get the most of their college experience,” McIntyre said.

Through the very meticulous and competitive election process, some candidates stood out by having already implemented change and results throughout the school year, such as freshman journalism major, Dahyo Coleman, who is from Cherry Hill, N.J.

From working with the Freshman Fashion Show to being a head over Freshman Week, Coleman has really been putting in the work as highly accredited “Freshman of Excellence.”

“These two major events required a diligent mind,” Coleman said.

“I work on a lot of flyers you saw this year from spring fest, to stuff for the freshman class as well as some candidates’ campaign materials. Being able to work under these deadlines and produce satisfying content was hard, but it let me practice my turnaround time.”

As elections ended March 13, many class and candidate favorites were picked to head over the student body.

Jonathan Mack, a sophomore kinesiology major from Virginia Beach, Virginia, and elected 2018-19 SGA vice president, was full of excitement when he heard of his great news.

“Thank you to those who entrusted me to be in this position! I will not take this job lightly and understand that the responsibilities that will be placed on me are much bigger than myself,” Mack said.

“This is a pivotal time for our university to continue to grow and for our student body to truly feel and see that their voices are being heard.

“Do not hesitate to approach me with any ideas, suggestions, comments, etc., that will help improve this campus. This will be a team effort, and I’m looking forward to the challenge that lies ahead. Let’s make it happen!”

The results for 2018-19 school year elections are as follows:

– SGA President Jordan McKinney

– SGA VP Jonathan Mack

– Student Representative to the Board of Trustees Kenneth Rioland III

– Senior Class President (QT) Michael Adams Jr.

– Senior Class VP (QT) Taylor


– Mister Senior Joshua Thompson

– Miss Senior Attendant Ashirah Curry

– Junior Class President (Onyx) John Mitchell

– Secretary Bailey Post

– Treasurer Brittany Mims

– Parliamentarian Jaelyn Magee

– Miss Junior Maya Thames

–  Mister Junior Robert Osborne

– Sophomore Class President (Ogre) Oshae Moore

– Sophomore Class VP Rabia Brown

– Representative to the Organizational Board Malcolm Stanley

With a team of hardworking student officials, the future of the HU