Championship slips from the Lady Pirates’ hands

Randall Williams | Sports Editor There has been a lot of drama between Hampton University and the MEAC of late. The Pirates’ announced leave has left a bad taste in the conference’s mouth. HU is headed for the Big South. March 10, that was set aside. Instead, the drama was on the court. The Lady Pirates entered the MEAC women’s basketball championship game in Norfolk having won seven contests in a row and were facing North Carolina A&T. A month earlier, HU had handed the Aggies their only conference loss. In the MEAC title game, the Aggies handed the Pirates … Continue reading Championship slips from the Lady Pirates’ hands

Hampton lacrosse hopeful for the 2018 season

Randall Williams | Sports Editor Being the first HBCU to have a Division I lacrosse program is a big deal for Hampton University. Still, it’s safe to say the team has struggled since the program began in 2016. The Pirates have won just a single game in their first 13 matches. However, this is not a talent issue. Hampton has gone out of state to recruit all sorts of different players. Stellar athletes include Kier Johnson, Jonathan Napier and, most recently, Carter Boone. In their first year, the team struggled both offensively and defensively. On the offensive side, they failed … Continue reading Hampton lacrosse hopeful for the 2018 season

The rivalry renewed: HU vs. HU

Randall Williams | Sports Editor It’s officially that time of the year, rivalry week is upon us. Universities across the entire country face off against their arch nemesis. One of the matches that is frequently overlooked is Hampton University vs. Howard University. As you can see, both teams have the exact same “HU” initials. This has sparked a rivalry between the schools. Ever since Hampton was renamed from “Hampton Institute” to “Hampton University,” bad blood has been boiling between the two schools in reference to who the “real HU” is. Regarding football, Hampton is undoubtedly the “Real HU.” The Pirates … Continue reading The rivalry renewed: HU vs. HU

Beckham’s ankle and Giant contract hopes are fractured

Randall Williams | Sports Editor The Giants and NFL fans have suffered a gigantic loss. New York Giants superstar receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was declared out for the rest of the season after breaking his left ankle on Oct. 8, according to The Associated Press. In Week 5, Beckham went down in an awkward position as he was hit by a defender. Immediately after, he laid on the field grimacing in pain. Tears streamed down his face when his helmet was removed. Beckham was then carted off the field. At that point, the Giants’ season was a complete disaster. Analysts … Continue reading Beckham’s ankle and Giant contract hopes are fractured

Lost in translation in a “united” nation

Randall Williams | Sports Editor Colin Kaepernick’s name over the past year has remained a frequent subject of discussion when it comes to the NFL. His protest over the racial inequality and social injustice has heard plenty of praise but also a significant amount of disapproval as well. The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback aimed to spread awareness of the topics by kneeling during the national anthem last season. “Kaepernick [was] not trying to disrespect fallen soldiers that have fought to protect the country for what it is today,” Hampton University sophomore Preston Randolph said this week. “He only wants … Continue reading Lost in translation in a “united” nation