How to master winter skin and hair care

Nylah Powell | Contributing Writer Although winter has a lot of great aspects, such as hot chocolate and marshmallows, it also comes with negatives, such as frigid temperatures that can damage your hair and skin. Skin can become dry, flaky and cracked, which can cause pain or irritation to the body. Factors such as indoor heat exposure and extreme winds make the skin even drier. Below are a few simple steps to combat damage to your hair and skin in the winter. First, stay hydrated. We tend to turn to drinks such as coffee or tea to stay warm, but … Continue reading How to master winter skin and hair care

SLP connects with the community

Nylah Powell | Staff Writer On Nov. 17, the Greer Dawson Wilson Student Leadership Program hosted a community Thanksgiving dinner for families in the Hampton area. They called local churches, shelters, and social services to reach out and see who they could get involved. Members met each family upon entrance and served the families a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Ham, turkey, stuffing, macaroni and cheese, greens and corn bread were some of the dishes served. SLP started hosting this community dinner a few years ago when one of the co-facilitators, Andrew Williams, came up with the idea. According to Student Activities … Continue reading SLP connects with the community

Thanksgiving Break: College Edition

Nylah Powell | Staff Writer Thanksgiving is pretty much the same for many families: feast on a homemade dinner, catch up and celebrate with family and express gratitude. There’s no doubt that Thanksgiving with family is delicious and exciting; but for college students who can’t make it home for the holiday break, there are alternative versions. One of the best ways to show your appreciation is to give back to the community. Donate clothes to a local shelter, send a letter or package to a veteran or volunteer to help those in need. “Back home I volunteered for a shelter … Continue reading Thanksgiving Break: College Edition

Budgeting like a boss

Nylah Powell | Staff Writer Most people associate college students with financial struggles. Between getting laundry done, attending events and paying for school amenities, college students have our own list of “bills.” There are, however, ways to maintain money while being on campus. Some smart ways to begin are being wise when budgeting, investing and spending. Plan out your spending before wasting your money. “Planning out my spending is the No. 1 way I save money,” freshman Jordan Benefield said. “Saying, ‘OK, I’m going to spend X amount on groceries this month, X amount on eating out and X amount … Continue reading Budgeting like a boss