2018’s best quarterback prospects

Harrington Gardiner | Contributing Writer It’s that time of year where franchises around the league analyze college football prospects to prepare for the future. We’re several weeks removed from pro days, and the nation’s top quarterbacks are getting non-stop attention. With loads of talent on both offense and defense this year, the quarterback position seems to be the main focus of this year’s NFL Draft. Each of the top five QBs projected to go in the first round have had tremendous success in college. The collegiate accolades are great and all, but NFL scouts and general managers want to know … Continue reading 2018’s best quarterback prospects

The NFL awards

Roderick McClean | Staff Writer The NFL season is coming to an end, and awards are up for grabs. There have been many surprises this season. Teams that were expected to be lackluster proved doubters wrong by making the playoffs and eliminating teams thought to be on top. The Coach of the Year Award is completely up for grabs, with the top candidates Sean McVay (L.A. Rams), Doug Pederson (Philadelphia), Mike Zimmer (Minnesota), Doug Marrone (Jacksonville) and Sean Payton (New Orleans). Each coach has something different to offer. McVay completely turned the Rams around. Last year, under Jeff Fisher, they … Continue reading The NFL awards