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She’s Gotta Have It generates success with viewers

Selena Roberts | Staff Writer


Courtesy of Ayanna Maxwell

Netflix has does it again.

The streaming service has released several shows that are centered around an African-American cast, including Dear White People, Chewing Gum and now She’s Gotta Have It.

She’s Gotta Have It is a reboot of Spike Lee’s 1986 film.

Spike Lee is responsible for several hit films, including Do The Right Thing, Malcolm X, Crooklyn and School Daze.

The new show has already generated some controversy, but it has also attracted new fans.

Although the show is based on the movie, the new series provides a refreshing look at how females define themselves in relationships in 2017.

The show is set in New York and centers on an artist named Nola Darling.

Nola is an independent spirit who does not let anyone put a label on her when it comes to her sexuality or her relationships.

The audience can see the firsthand experiences of her struggles in dealing with her identity as an African-American woman.

Throughout the series, Nola struggles with choosing what type of person she wants to be with, so she ultimately dates more than one man.

She has three love interests throughout the 10 episodes, and they all have completely different personalities: the goofy yet lovable Mars Blackmon, the well-established investor yet still married Jamie Overstreet and the handsome yet self-absorbed model Greer Childs.

At some point in time, each man wants to establish an official relationship with Nola.

However, Nola will not allow anything to further develop in her love life unless it is on her terms.

In one episode, Nola says, “If they want to deal with me, it has to be on my terms, or it ain’t gonna happen.”

Although some critics have stated that Nola’s character is promiscuous and immature, she is anything but that.

She is firm in her beliefs and will not let any man change her values. Everyone is different, so she does not represent every female, but she does provide a different take on the dating experience for women that viewers do not usually see.

Besides the intriguing storyline and over-the-top characters, the show deals with real-life issues that women and men both deal with.

Some of the storylines focus on topics like harassment, gentrification and sexism.

Nicole Peterson, a freshman biology major, said, “The show provides a different look for how women handle themselves in relationships. I like the material and hope it has another season.”

She’s Gotta Have It stands out from the rest because it provides something that many other shows do not.

It portrays a woman of color who is finding herself through trials and tribulations, all while knowing her worth.

DeWanda Wise, who plays Darling, said, “There was so much in Nola that I saw in my friends, in myself, in where I was in my early 20s. There was just such a rich and vast life there.”


“Orange Is The New Black” Season 3 is Out for Early Release



Kelsey Marrow | Contributing Writer

The series was scheduled to release it’s third season through Netflix, on June 12 but to the viewer’s surprise, was released a day earlier.  The release was confirmed via Twitter by Netflix and the series’ cast member, Uzo Aduba. Aduba known in the series as ”Crazy Eyes”, announced the surprise at Orange Con,  an event featuring cast members and fans of the series held in New York City. She broke the news to fans with a detailed tweet.

It takes a lot of work to be one the most anticipated comedy-drama series. The show created and executively produced by Jenji Kohan is based on the book “Orange is The New Black: My Year in a Woman’s Prison,written by Piper Kerman. Throughout the series viewers are taken on a journey into the life of Piper Chatman,  and many other inmates at Litchfield Penitentiary. Chatman, played by actress Taylor Schilling goes through a variety of obstacles while in prison.

The beloved prison series is filled with a star-studded cast and dramatic storylines. Joining the inmates is model/actress Ruby Rose who plays Stella Carlin, Piper’s new love interest . In a Vanity Fair interview Jenji states “We talk about this country as this big melting pot, but it’s mosaic.”

“There’s all these pieces, they’re next to each other, and they’re not necessarily mixing. And I’m looking for those spaces where people actually do mix and prison happens to be a terrific one.”

While most fans choose to binge-watch the show, Orange is the New Black is becoming Netflix’s new summer hit. After seasons one and two being rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by Netflix viewers, questions about where season two left off are still in the air. With fans raving over the early release, Netflix wasted no time renewing the show for a fourth season .

Although, streaming service has confirmed the returning season, most details have yet to been announced. If the show continues to follow it’s scheduled  pattern, season four is predicted to release the summer of 2016.