Is “bounce-back” happiness true happiness?

Sydney Shuler | Staff Writer We all know what it’s like to get that surge of motivation after life has done us dirty with a heartbreak, job loss or end of a friendship, but how long does it last? It’s not easy, but it’s time to stop waiting for a reason to put yourself, and your happiness, first. The saying “you have to love yourself before you love anyone else” isn’t a theory or a myth; it’s a must. We quickly find ourselves in dangerous emotionally codependent relationships when we have not yet figured out how to rely on ourselves … Continue reading Is “bounce-back” happiness true happiness?

Shutting down the myths about black beauty

Sydney Shuler | Staff Writer From birth, black women are given a list of rules of what they can and cannot do to be considered beautiful. But how much of it is true? Maintain a quiet crown Black women are told that they have three hair colors to choose from: light brown (but not too light), dark brown and black. Anything else is unprofessional, uncouth and decidedly not for black girls. Black women all over, including celebrities such as Rihanna, Lil’ Kim and Cardi B, have repeatedly proven that this is not the case. No nude for you You’re getting … Continue reading Shutting down the myths about black beauty

Social media: Rise or fall of the millennial generation?

Chevmonay Gaines | Staff Writer Social media has a dominant influence on human interaction and society. There’s no doubt that the quick emergence of today’s social media sites is only the beginning of what has become a new, and more convenient, form of communication. But why, though? What is the addictive ingredient that keeps social media users coming back for more? Let’s take a dip into some pros and cons of social media.   PRO: Social media allows its users to keep up with current events  I’ll be the first to say I rarely ever watch the news anymore. I … Continue reading Social media: Rise or fall of the millennial generation?