HU’s 5th annual Day of Giving

By Jaylen Harris and Chelsea Harrison

Ya-Marie Sesay

Hampton University kicked off its 5th annual HU Day of Giving with a packed Student Center Atrium with eager-to-serve students.

The celebration united students, faculty and staff from across the campus to promote awareness for the foundation’s initiative: Giving back to the university.

The 24-hour festivities highlighted the importance of philanthropy, unity and teamwork, all while giving the attendees a grand show.

The noon activities included music from DJ Barry B, live dance performances, a musical selection from the HU Marching Force band, an atrium scavenger hunt, and special appearances from 2018 Mr. Pirate, Chris Bates, and Miss Hampton Brooklyne Baker.

“I initially just stopped by the STU to get a peek at the event,” senior biology major Ashley Johnson said. “I ended up staying throughout the remainder of the afternoon because of all the cool, exciting and fun things going on.”

Student hosts Delaria Ridley, a senior strategic communications major, and HU’s Mr. Junior Sherman Grant hosted the day’s events.

Students mobbed social media platforms with hashtags and photo challenges such as the “All Day Challenge,” where attendees had to posts as many clips and pictures on their social media pages, along with other hourly challenges.

“I came on a good day. If this is what Hampton is about and how the environment of the school is, you may see me again,” said Jazmyn Harding, a local Hamptonian-to-be who was in the middle of a campus tour when she got to witness the celebration.

Along with the attendees and performers, Black Opal Beauty and representatives formed tables in the Student Center, promoting their make-up products and giving away small, sample gift bags. Students also were encouraged to partake in a Black Opal Beauty photo shoot using the BOB photo booth.

As Hamptonians often say, “If you weren’t there, you’re wrong,” for the festivities were ones to not miss.

Even though the celebration has come to an end, it still isn’t too late to donate. Visit for more information.