Super Bowl or bust in Los Angeles?

Harrington Gardiner | Contributing Writer Two years ago, the Los Angeles Rams were a franchise in disarray. They were suffering with a 4-12 record under head coach Jeff Fisher. Their first round draft pick Jared Goff had not played most of the season, and once he actually got playing time, he looked like a disappointment. Another downside was the underwhelming performance of running back Todd Gurley, who finished 27th in rushing after finishing in the top five in 2015. Things weren’t looking good in L.A. However, the Rams organization looked to turn things around when it decided to hire former … Continue reading Super Bowl or bust in Los Angeles?

2018’s best quarterback prospects

Harrington Gardiner | Contributing Writer It’s that time of year where franchises around the league analyze college football prospects to prepare for the future. We’re several weeks removed from pro days, and the nation’s top quarterbacks are getting non-stop attention. With loads of talent on both offense and defense this year, the quarterback position seems to be the main focus of this year’s NFL Draft. Each of the top five QBs projected to go in the first round have had tremendous success in college. The collegiate accolades are great and all, but NFL scouts and general managers want to know … Continue reading 2018’s best quarterback prospects

Garoppolo the Key to San Fran’s Success?

Harrington Gardiner | Staff Writer The San Francisco 49ers made a bold statement to the league by signing quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to a five-year, $137.5 million contract extension. The newly acquired quarterback was traded from the New England Patriots back in October after he served as a backup for Tom Brady in his first four seasons. Garoppolo finished the 2017 season with 1,560 yards passing, seven touchdowns and a QBR of 78.2. He played well, but making him the highest-paid player in the league was surprising for someone with seven career starts. With the quarterback market running thin, GM John … Continue reading Garoppolo the Key to San Fran’s Success?

NBA’s biggest surprises and flops

Harrington Gardiner | Contributing Writer This NBA season so far has its fair share of expectations. The Warriors, Spurs and Rockets are expected to compete for the Western Conference crown. It’s also expected that LeBron James will lead the Cavaliers to Eastern Conference supremacy for the fourth year in a row. However, every year, it’s important to recognize the different highlights that occur in the association. Even with annual big surprises, there are always flops–whether it’s individual performance or teams not playing up to their true potential. With this being said, surprises and flops are important to help fans understand … Continue reading NBA’s biggest surprises and flops

After a four-game skid, are the Chiefs in trouble?

Harrington Gardiner | Contributing Writer Early in the season, the Kansas City Chiefs were considered by many to be a potential Super Bowl favorite and a threat to the always dominant New England Patriots in the AFC. The superior play of Alex Smith at quarterback as well as the emergence of rookie running back Kareem Hunt caused many to believe that this team has what it takes to be a Super Bowl contender. Lately, though, they’ve been inconsistent and have taken losses in their past games. In the first five weeks, they looked to be the NFL’s hottest team, but … Continue reading After a four-game skid, are the Chiefs in trouble?