Preserving our 3 Cs: A new time, new change

Ya-Marie Sesay | Campus Editor

Chelsea Harrison

In this year of celebration of Hampton University’s legacy, the university is also making a few changes. HU’s administration launched a new Quality Enhancement Plan: “Preserving our 3 Cs: Character, Community and Culture.”

This QEP is required for HU’s reaccreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC); accreditation is what permits schools to remain degree-granting institutions of higher education. Hampton’s last accreditation was conducted in 2008.

By emphasizing these three Cs, Hampton University hopes to increase “students’ participation and engagement in learning experiences that foster a deeper understanding of the role of character, community and culture in their personal and professional lives,” HU said in the QEP.

With the help of the campus community, a survey was conducted to determine the character development and the code of conduct. Results from this survey inspired the idea for this QEP’s theme.

Hampton administration’s goal in the years to come is to keep students engaged through transformational programs and activities that will prepare them for professional careers and global issues.

To ensure the plan is executed for all freshmen students in the upcoming years, it will be implemented through a required course– University 101.

Posters and flyers have been placed all over campus, introducing the new plan to students.

“It’s a dynamic and innovative way to reaffirm Hampton’s fundamental principles of excellence in character, community, and culture in a way that is conductive to our new generation,” said SGA President Martha Baye.