What guys (think they) want in a ‘wifey’

Alexis Weston | Staff Writer

The terms “wifey” and “wifey material” get thrown around everyday; but what do these terms actually mean on Hampton’s campus?

According to Quinton Burnett, a junior, finance major from Kansas City, Kansas, said it’s difficult to define the term.

When it comes to how a woman qualifies as “wifey material” he stated that, “If she’s there for me and we really click on every level, that’s really it.” At the end of the day, there’s really no true definition of what “wifey” material is. Whether or not a woman is wifey material depends primarily on what a guy is looking for.

Julian Boyd, a junior, computer science major from Spotsylvania, Virginia, said that it’s, “a substitute name for a girlfriend.” When asked about “wifey material” he commented that he, “[has] to be able to visualize a future with her, it’s not really based on what she can do for me but how we can make each other better.”

According to articles like 11 Men Explain What ‘Wife Material’ Means To Them from Thoughtcatalog.com, other “wifey” qualifications include being able to cook, being intelligent, having a life outside of your significant other and being considerate.

While it is important to know what you want from a relationship and the type of person that you’re looking for, it’s important to look at how these terms impact how women present themselves to men.

Sarah Maloud-Washington, a sophomore, criminal justice major from Conyers, Georgia, said that  the “wifey” role, “forces women to try to fit into or be this ideal image of what a wifey is,” in order to impress men.

Why should a woman have to shape her personality into this ideal version of the “perfect woman” just to please a guy? It’s not fair and it makes women feel as if a guy will never see a future with them just because they act a certain way.

It seems that the men asked have a more introspective and reflective idea about her rather than a specific set of qualities that she’s required to have. So, maybe, just maybe, the “wifey” is changing to fit every woman.